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Global HR

An innovative approach of your international HR to simplify your global expansion

Internationalisation is a vector for the transformation of organization and HR management practices. An international dimension requires companies to be global, agile and efficient in their human resources development strategy.

In the new international situation we are experiencing, human resources are at the heart of international issues:

45% of Small and Mid-Cap companies are held back by human resource issues in going international
60% of managers will significantly reduce their travel in the future
55% wish to rely on the presence of local international relays already in place.

Global HR

For expanding companies

  • Companies in the process of expanding into foreign markets wishing to surround themselves with experts to optimise their development, reduce their risks and minimise their operational costs
  • International companies wishing to outsource local administrative, legal, social and fiscal constraints related to HR management

Resources & Means

  • 25 international recruitment experts in Europe, North America & Asia Pacific
  • 22 specialists in Human Resources management
  • 32 International Business Centres to host your employees
  • Selective networks of international experts to facilitate international mobility: tax lawyers, brokerage firms, world-renowned schools and universities…


  • 360° international HR strategy
  • Complete and tailor-made support
  • Access to social & fiscal compliance in over 22 countries
  • Agile and bicultural teams
  • A permanent search for relevant solutions to meet our clients’ issues

Global HR Solutions by ALTIOS

HR Strategy

  • HR Diagnostics
  • Talent Mapping
  • International strategy Vs. HR strategy

Talent acquisition

  • Outsourced HR (prospecting, development and market animation)
  • Recruitment of international profiles (in your domestic market and abroad, in your target markets)
  • International mobility

Talent management

  • Intercultural management
  • Performance monitoring and steering
  • Market integration,
  • Hosting & domiciliation

Operational management of employees abroad

  • Immigration and compliance
  • Salary management
  • HR hotline

Senior Advisory to Corporate Executives

  • Senior Advisory to Executives
  • Interim Management
  • Subsidiary management mandate / Directorship


/ Morgane Pinault


Global HR Practice