Subsidiary Set-Up & Management

Boost you business through direct access to global markets!

We are involved in the day-to-day running of your business by providing regulatory, accounting, HR and tax services. You reduce your costs and fixed expenses while benefiting from a professional, high-quality support structure, and all this with a single, committed partner at your side.

/TOGETHER, LET'S BUILD THE SUPPORT YOU NEED TO MEET your international strategic challenges

Together, let's build the support you need to meet your international strategic challenges

Advice for subsidiary set-up

Study the local market to determine whether your product or service meets a need or demand.

Choosing the jurisdiction: each country has its own laws and regulations regarding Business start-ups.
Analysing the tax advantages, legal requirements and start-up costs to choose the jurisdiction that best suits your objectives is essential.

Accounting, administrative, tax management & reporting

Set up accounting systems that comply with the standards of the country in which you are setting up.

Comply with labour laws, health and safety regulations.

Understand the local laws and regulations that apply to your business.

Helping to draw up contracts,
protect your intellectual property
and manage disputes.

Understand your tax obligations in the country you are moving to.

Legal & tax Domiciliation

Choosing the right subsidiary location: when selecting your location, consider the tax implications, business climate, political stability and ease of doing business.

Select a good labor law representative with a thorough knowledge of local laws and business practices, who speaks the local language and has good relations with the local authorities.

Comply with local requirements for registering your business, paying taxes and complying with labor and employment laws.

Protecting your interests: it may be useful to consult a lawyer to help you draw up these agreements. We have working relationships with trustworthy lawyers in all major markets.

Altios Strategy can assess your level of international maturity and your ability to break new ground. A strategic review of this kind will enable you to anticipate the impact of international expansion on your company, and reveal the existing strengths that you can draw on to accelerate your growth. It's a key structuring stage in your international development.
/What are tomorrow’s marketS?
We'll help you draw up your international roadmap, from prioritizing markets to co-constructing the action plan for your target markets. Our expertise in working with hundreds of companies means we can imagine a wide range of deployment methods tailored to the specific characteristics of each market and the reality of each company.
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Subsidiary set-up & Management

To help you with all the formalities involved in setting up and managing a new business abroad

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