In an international context directly impacted by Covid-19, business leaders can no longer travel abroad and wonder about the resilience of their activities outside their home market.
Remove uncertainty surrounding the resilience of your activities outside of your home market:


/ Should I redefine my strategy and adapt my export development model?

/ How can I build an international strategy without travelling?

/ Can I open and manage new markets remotely?

/ How do I set up a new production line without going to the country?

/ Who can help me to create a marketplace within a month in China?

/ How can I develop sales without trade fairs?

/ How can I ensure my global supply chain?

/ How can I audit remotely my Brasilian subsidiary which is losing money

/ How can I manage my employees’ mobility during the pandemic?

/ How can I recruit my new local ASEAN manager based in Singapour?

/ Am I eligible for grants if I decide to develop my business in Italy?

/ Can I get trusted information about a potential target acquisition in the US?

Altios offers support every step of the way thanks to its new offer

A 4-points plan for 4 quick wins!

/ Identify your main challenges

  • International strategic review
  • Identification of priority issues
  • Markets reorganisation / prioritization
  • Development recommendations

/ Facilitate the international rebound

  • Strategic market scan
  • Audit of existing partners (agent, distributor, etc.)
  • Field support: prospecting, development, negotiation
  • Market development recommendations


/ Access local HR solutions

  • HR status internationally or in specific countries
  • Diagnosis, analysis and HR advice
  • Optimisation solution & development recommendations

/ Secure your local locations

  • Subsidiary diagnosis: Strategy, Sales, HR, Finance & Governance
  • Diagnosis of acquisition targets: qualification, market synergies, risk areas
  • Recommendations & Operational Development Plan