Keran’s expansion into Southeast Asia

ALTIOS collaborated with Keran to strengthen and facilitate its recent expansion into Southeast Asia, Singapore.

Keran is an independent group comprising of four companies – Sce, Creocean, Groupe Huit and Naomis – with excellent know-how and united by common principles and aspirations. This outstandingly innovative group started 30 years ago, aspiring to create a harmonious synergy between urban planning, infrastructure, the environment, and digital technology.

Keran desired to grow its market position in Southeast Asia through strengthening its relations with its local clients and offering more thorough services, especially in client support, all whilst minimizing costs and risks.

This is where ALTIOS stepped in, with a dedicated team setting up and registering Keran’s new subsidiary in accordance with local regulations. ALTIOS did not stop there, we continue to manage the administration and accounts of Keran’s Southeast Asian subsidiary, ensuring smooth-sailing operations.

To have a better look at Keran’s operations in Southeast Asia, watch their video.