On the ground connection key for XMedius


XMedius is a global leader in the field of secure enterprise communications solutions. Headquartered in Montreal (Canada) with offices in Seattle (USA) and Paris (France), they have more than 20 million users and 50,000 installations worldwide. Despite such a large footprint, having a local sales team is still an important value for XMedius. Some organizations may think the trouble outweighs the value when it comes to learning the local laws, tax structures and other customs for just one or two employees. Rather than let this get in the way of providing the best customer experience possible, XMedius partnered with Altios. Altios leveraged its local expertise and employment services to help XMedius expand in Australia and Poland. 

XMedius solutions serve businesses, enterprises and service providers in markets with a high need for communications privacy like healthcare, legal and finance, as well as government, education, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and more. These industries and their customers are seeing an international shift towards a demand for more privacy and responsible data management.  This imperative is especially critical as we hear a new story about data leaks and privacy breaches almost every week, making XMedius services and solutions more important than ever. The secure enterprise communications industry as a whole is growing 6% yearly. 

When XMedius first decided to expand to Australia, they worked with a sales agent. After testing the market, the company decided they wanted a full-time employee on the ground there. That’s when XMedius turned to Altios. Altios advised Xmedius on Australia’s employment laws and unique market needs and recruited and manages a regional sales manager position.  

“The day to day activities of the job, interaction with management, and employee evaluation are seamless,” said Evelyn Morin, HR Director at XMedius. “The sales manager is treated like any other member of the team, without our having to manage the logistics of setting up a business structure in a new country.” 

Morin has managed to establish XMedius in a number of countries in the past, a process she describes as intensive and usually lengthy. Altios has been able to speed up the time to market in key countries like Australia, working with Morin and her team to provide local expertise. The team noted additionally, Altios allowed them to be competitive in their recruiting by understanding the expected employment benefits that vary from culture to culture. 

This time to market and agility is a core strength of Altios said Isabelle Combe, Managing Director of Altios Canada. “What sets Altios apart is our ability to act quickly due to our expansive international presence. Many other services would have to refer clients to local partners which can take more time and money and reduce the quality of the service provided. This ability to react is especially important for fast-moving tech companies such as XMedius.” 

XMedius does much of its own market research and international expansion plans internally but has relied on Altios for risk mitigation and identification, a key part of their decision making according to Jean Pierre Filion, Senior VP of Sales. He said that two of the key considerations for expansion in a new country are the economic shape of the country, and the type of regulations and governance that are in place. Policy and laws are a large concern for XMedius due to the nature of their services. For example, some countries do not have as strict of laws on data privacy and may allow information such as healthcare records to be shared over email or other less secure channels. These countries would not be a primary target for XMedius as there would be less of an imperative for secure communications services. 

XMedius had similar success setting up an employee in Poland with the help of Altios. The company knew they wanted to expand to the mid-European region, but was not quite sure when and where to do so. XMedius sought advice from Altios and other partners on the best countries in the region to operate. XMedius ultimately chose Poland, enabling them to take advantage of the Altios established presence in the country. 

A company’s sales team can really be the driver of growth, and is the driver of XMedius’s international growth. “We are on the ground, we are reactive, and we are entrepreneurs,” Combe said. “This helps us understand and be on the same level as the entrepreneurs we are working with.” 

Of the 60 strong sales team, about 45 employees work outside of XMedius’ main offices, either in their homes or on the road. This local sales approach will continue to be a part of the company’s future global expansion the team told us. The Altios local knowledge and network has strengthened this global provider’s local approach. 

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