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Altios Strengthens XMedius’ Expansion in New Markets

“In the past, we did everything ourselves. It was intensive and often a lengthy process due to the logistics of setting up a business structure in a new country. Now, the day-to-day activities of the job, interaction with management and employee evaluation are seamless. The sales manager is treated like any other member of our team.”

Evelyne Morin
Vice-Présidente Ressources Humaines, XMedius


  • With an annual growth rate of 6%, capturing the market share in the secure enterprise communications opportunity is essential for XMedius.
  • Due to varying laws and regulations on data privacy and exchange, expansion into new markets requires a thorough understanding of policy and legislation on data exchange, in addition to economic viability.


  • XMedius worked with Altios in areas of risk mitigation and identification of potential markets. “We knew we wanted to expand further in Europe, but we were not quite sure which market,” said Filion. “Working with Altios, we ultimately chose Poland.”
  • As a company focused on providing the best customer experience, it was important for XMedius to set up local sales teams as part of its international growth strategy.
  • When XMedius was ready to enter two new markets—Australia and Poland—the company looked to Altios to provide human resource services.
  • Altios advised XMedius on local employment regulations, tax structures and talent requirements. Working together, Altios handled the recruitment, hiring and management of regional sales teams.
  • Outsourcing of specific human resource needs meant XMedius could be operational quickly in both countries and, more importantly, hire the best talent by being competitive and offering employee benefits in line with each market.


  • Of the 60 sales managers, 45 work in markets outside of XMedius’ central offices, either from their homes or on the road. This local sales approach continues to be a part of the company’s global expansion strategy.

  • “What sets Altios apart is its ability to be agile and to act quickly due to a broad, worldwide presence, which is especially important for fast-moving technology companies such as XMedius,” said Isabelle Combe, Managing Director of Altios Canada.

Company Profile

XMedius Solutions Inc., headquartered in Montreal, Canada

Offices in Montreal, Paris and Seattle

More than 20 million users and 50,000 installations worldwide

Industry: Field of secure enterprise communication solutions

Target countries: Poland and Australia

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