Known for their TCC ® technology (Total Channel Control® - an advanced technology set that improves the management and productivity of water in open canal irrigation distribution) and FarmConnect® systems, Rubicon Water is a privately held company established since 1995 and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Rubicon has designed, built and installed over 20,000 control and measurement devices of TCC® and FarmConnect® and sold to more than 50 customers in 10 countries.

It all started in India

Because of our international network, Rubicon’s international consultant based in Spain, knew about Altios’ expertise and contacted Altios’ office in India and linked them to Rubicon’s Australian headquarters. As Altios have a team in India, Rubicon engaged them in order to find key information for local expansion. Following this report, as well a meeting Rubicon’s Melbourne headquarter with Bruno Mascart, CEO of Altios Australia, the company extended their collaboration to China.

The Altios approach

For Rubicon, it was beneficial to have international experts with global knowledge and a longstanding presence in markets they seek to conquer. “Having the option to liaise with the local office or directly to the foreign office and representative is a true advantage in ensuring the communication is effective. Altios provides expertise that allows us to gain a better understanding on how to grow our business in the selected countries.” Explains Bruce Rodgerson, CEO of Rubicon.

A winning partnership

Rubicon have expanded their team by having local Altios’ employees available on the grand. They are dedicated to assisting and supporting Rubicon on very short notice.

Due to Altios’ cross cultural knowledge, Rubicon were able to better understand their partners and how to operate with them: “Altios staff is now trained to our specific industry and projects which gives us a very flexible and competent local resource on the ground.” Agrees Bruce Rodgerson.

Also, by having a third independent party locally, Rubicon gained a new perspective alongside their current setup and experiences in these countries: “I believe it has been for both my team and our board, extremely helpful to be assisted in making the right choices and taking the appropriate decisions.” Concludes Bruce Rodgerson.

Rubicon has offices in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Spain and China, and agents in many other countries.

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