Forest Chemical Group is a chemical company specializing in the manufacture of high-performance adhesives, primarily for industrial applications. Founded in 2009, this Spanish company develops products for the packaging and agri-food sectors.


These innovative and efficient adhesives can be used to meet the most diverse needs and has allowed the company to develop a distribution network covering Europe, Africa, North and South America. 

More recently, the firm has taken a new step in its growth by expanding into Asia through a first project in China. To properly adapt to this expansive market, they called on outside experts for assistance.


China's market: a challenge for international development

Despite an already extensive presence in many countries around the world, Forest Chemical Group still has major future ambitions. Sergio Vega, Director of Operations and co-founder of the company, explains: "We are an export company, but we are also an R&D company. Our boundaries keep growing."

It is this desire to continue to strive to reach new heights that led Forest Chemical Group to set up shop in China. Of course, this objective is not at all surprising for a global company, since China is the fastest developing market in the world.

With the help of ALTIOS International, the company has been able to count on fully-operational distribution networks set up throughout the most highly populated country in the world. Mr. Vega and his partners have also been able to take advantage of recruitment and meeting support services which, when combined with their open-mind and attentiveness to client needs, give them an advantage in overcoming language barriers.


The key partner advantage at an international level

Forest Chemical Group executives met with the team of ALTIOS experts in 2016 through Santander Bank, a leading Spanish bank. Since this initial contact, this business relationship has paved the way for numerous international development opportunities.

"It took us quite a while to find the perfect consultant who could open China's doors to us. And we quickly realized that ALTIOS was in a class of its own, given their experience in the Asian market. They were knowledgeable about our market, understood our objectives and had a wide network of contacts in the country where we wanted to do business. The ALTIOS team based in China has assisted our company so that it can adapt to the Chinese culture, standards, industries and customs." Sergio Vega, Director of Operations and co-founder of Forest Chemical Group

Since working with ALTIOS, the Spanish firm already has a full backlog of orders with Chinese companies and knows that it can count on a bright future of new clients, new industries and new distributors.


A bright future

With a presence in the vast majority of G20 countries, ALTIOS International is excited to accompany Forest Chemical Group as it continues its ambitious expansion. The company now has a strong business structure, both in China and around the globe. Sergio Vega is ready to embark on the company’s next wave of development with a certain peace of mind: "Thanks to the expertise of ALTIOS International, we benefit from their experience and solid logistics in the Asian market."

And with the many emerging industries in Southeast Asia, it comes as no surprise that Forest Chemical Group will be able to establish itself in new markets, in part due to the support of a qualified team of advisors.


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