The current economic climate may raise doubts about international expansion plans for companies, especially for SMEs and Mid-Caps, who can find themselves exposed to greater levels of risk. Nevertheless, development is possible and can become a significant source of growth if projects are properly supported and implemented.

To succeed, it’s crucial to approach each step of development carefully and to take the time to understand the key stakeholders; thus, optimizing an international expansion strategy, regardless of its complexity, whether for business development, recruitment plans, the creation of a subsidiary or meeting external needs for growth.


An opportune climate for growth?

2018 presented a somewhat mixed economic picture, with turbulence weighing in on global diplomacy. The risks associated with expansion can be significant, and the consequences as well. However, is this cause to fear the international market? The challenge lies primarily in the definition of an action plan and its implementation: sector-based international expertise is a major asset that ALTIOS provides its clients.

"The international market remains a considerable growth driver for SMEs and Mid-Caps, with competitiveness increasingly seen in terms of a company's ability to benefit from its potential to become truly  international. With 25 offices around the world focusing on the G20, ALTIOS is growing steadily and successfully in the face of the current global political turbulence." Patrick Ferron, Managing Partner Group.


Properly defining your target market: careful planning and the importance of location

Ideally, the first step should be to begin with an analysis phase, focusing on a few countries. For example, consider conducting market research or attending international trade shows in a given area to broaden your knowledge of the market and a particular focus. These first steps are essential if you want to acquire more specific knowledge of a target market, identify the key stakeholders, estimate its potential or design a business plan: all necessary to succeed in any global market.

"ALTIOS International makes it possible to accelerate this process through the strength of its network of local offices, making it in tune with the most recent developments and changes in legislation in its operating markets. This enables our clients to obtain strategic information, especially when it concerns growth strategies, the creation of subsidiaries or external growth." Bruno Mascart, Managing Partner and President, Asia Pacific.


The new concept of "Think local, act global" 

The advent of the "Think local, act global" concept, originally "Think global, act local," reveals a change in the approach to international markets. In fact, a decade ago companies were moving from a global mindset to integrating into a local market. Today, companies are using local markets as a starting point from which to launch into other global markets. ALTIOS' global network and its 25 offices enable clients to benefit from a truly immersive approach to international development.

"Helping businesses develop internationally is a real passion for our teams who have established themselves throughout the world and work together, favouring a specialist approach over a generalist approach, and fostering a company's integration in target region." Boris Lechevalier, Managing Partner and COO.


ALTIOS International: an innovative vision of international development for SMEs and Mid-Caps

To implement and establish a permanent business abroad, companies are faced with complex, time-consuming and costly procedures. They don't necessarily have the means or knowledge required to open a local office, hire staff or organize themselves more effectively to consolidate their presence.

ALTIOS International continues to act as a liaison within local ecosystems - government agencies, banks and investment funds - to perform its role as a facilitator in the most effective way possible. We are continuing to invest in new resources, strengthen our teams and consolidate our expertise. "We are convinced that the international expansion of a company’s business can provide an unlimited source of sustainable development if markets, cultures and people are connected locally, " says Patrick Ferron.

Now more than ever, our teams are at your service to help make your international success a local reality!