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ALTIOS Corporate Finance supports PROTEX International in the acquisition of the US company Greenfield Manufacturing Inc. (GMI)

Press Release - May 2024

An acquisition allowing PROTEX International to expand its activities in the US market.

In May 2024, the shareholders of Protex International, Mr. Robert Moor and his family, an independent French company specialized in manufacturing niche chemicals, has acquired 100% of Greenfield Manufacturing Inc., a US manufacturer of specialty chemicals.

Greenfield Manufacturing Inc. is an industrial company specializing in chemicals manufacturing, founded by Duane Palmateer, and based in Saratoga Springs, NY.

The Protex International group is offering services to ensure the development, manufacturing, and distribution of specialty chemicals additives for a wide range of sectors.

This acquisition strengthens the position of Protex and its US subsidiaries (Protavic America) in the US market with now 2 locations.

The Protex International group has a long history of commitment to innovation and quality in the field of specialty chemicals. With its strong family values, the group shares with GMI a common passion for innovation, and customer satisfaction.

A transaction supported by Altios Corporate Finance

The role of Altios Corporate Finance was to support Protex International group in its M&A strategy in the US. The mandate involved several steps, from identifying companies that complement Protex International group in terms of geography and business lines, contacting the relevant targets, carrying out a financial analysis of these targets, and finally assisting the group through the negotiations and due diligence phases up to closing.

The role of Altios Corporate Finance:

  • Screening of the US market
  • Approach the qualified targets
  • Financial analysis and valuation of the target company
  • Due diligence coordination
  • Support in negotiating LOI, SPA & other transactional documents

Testimony of Protex International

The common values shared by GREENFIELD MANUFACTURING Inc. and PROTEX INTERNATIONAL - commitment to innovation and constructive relationships with our American customers - will ensure a smooth integration and maximize synergies

Robert Moor, CEO and Chairman – Protex International

Testimony of Altios Corporate Finance

We are pleased to have finalized this deal enabling Protex to strengthen its presence in the US. The similar values with GMI and its focus in specialty chemical products will ensure a smooth integration and maximize the synergies.

Alexandre Kaplan, M&A Director – Altios Corporate Finance


Buyer’s advisors:

  • Altios Corporate Finance (M&A): Alexandre Kaplan, Camille Garbolino and Nicolas Vacher
  • Mirick O’Connell (Legal): David E. Surprenant and Andrew A. Croxford
  • Shaheen, Pallone & Associates (Financial / CPA): Bill Shaheen Sr. and Bill Shaheen

Sellers’ advisors:

  • Independent (Legal): William W. Dailey
  • Independent (Financial / CPA): Rebecca J. Herrick

Contact Press: Alexandre Kaplan, M&A Director,

Protex international x Greenfield

ALTIOS Group strengthens its services in the United Arab Emirates by acquiring Steering Advisory, a consulting firm in accounting & tax services in Dubai

Press Release – May 22nd, 2024

Strengthening presence in the UAE and the Middle East

  • ALTIOS Group announces the expansion of its activities in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East by acquiring 100% stake Steering Advisory headquartered in Dubai. As a leading international consulting firm dedicated to international growth, ALTIOS Group pursues its expansion into the world’s largest markets and key regional hubs.

  • Steering Advisory was founded by two lawyers, Guillaume de Rocquigny and Florian Guais, in association with Nabile Sabbani. The company has currently 12 staff members and manages corporate and accounting services for more than 100 international businesses willing to expand their business in Middle East.
  • Altios Group set up an office in the UAE 4 years ago. This acquisition reinforces Altios Group’s activities in the country on a panel of services from Strategic Advisory to Operational Execution, including:
    • Market Entry & Expansion: Market research, Go-To-Market Strategy, Business Partnership & Growth
    • Global HR Solution: Recruitment, Payroll services, visa & HR advisory
    • Corporate Services: Company set-up, Domiciliation & Management of International Subsidiaries (accounting, financial reporting, payroll, compliance, tax…)
    • Crossborder Acquisition: Screening, Negotiation, Due-Diligence, Transaction, Post-Acquisition Integration
  • Steering will reinforce ALTIOS’ Set-up pillar (Corporate Services), part of the international business expansion, on a large range of services: company formation, local domiciliation, directorship, legal compliance, accounting, payroll and tax, supply chain, and distribution platform.

ALTIOS Group’s Testimonial

“ Thanks to the team from Steering Advisory joining our group, we now have greater expertise to support our clients and partners in the region. We firmly believe that the Middle East offer great potential for our clients. As well we are eager to assist Middle East ecosystem to be better connected through our global network.
Further regional expansion would be announced in the coming months. ”

Bruno Mascart,

Co-Founder & Partner

Steering Group’s Testimonials

” The combination of Steering Advisory and Altios brings together Altios’ international network and resources with Steering’s Middle Eastern knowledge and expertise. In a region with new growth areas driven by a desire to diversify the economy, Steering Advisory by Altios will thus be able, alongside the law firm Steering Legal, to assist more companies looking for a one-stop shop and local experience to support them in the regional expansion of their activities. ”

Guillaume de Rocquigny, Florian Guais,

Co-Founders & Partners

About ALTIOS: Created in 1991, Altios offers international market expansion solutions to Small and Mid-Cap companies. With 40 offices in 22 countries and nearly 750 employees, ALTIOS has supported more than 10,000 companies in their international growth to simplify foreign market entry and accelerate business growth.

Our services: Strategy, Market Development, International HR Solutions, Management of International Subsidiaries, Manufacturing Investment and External Growth.

Altios works very actively with international banks, investment funds and government agencies to support their Corporate clients internationally.

Our values: Listening, Agility, Team spirit, Entrepreneurship, Passion.

Learn more at, Follow us on Linkedin.

Media inquiries : Patrick Ferron, Managing Partner, Altios,

ALTIOS Announces Expansion of Operations in Portugal Through a New Subsidiary

Paris, Madrid, Lisbon – February 2024

ALTIOS, a leading global advisory firm specializing in international expansion and cross-border investment for Small and Mid-Cap companies (SMEs), continues to expand its worldwide presence. Building on the successful set up of an office in Spain (Madrid) 8 years ago, ALTIOS Group is strengthening its operations in the Iberian Peninsula by opening a new subsidiary in Portugal.

By 2025, the Portuguese economy is expected to grow by 2.3%. In both 2024 and 2025, the growth should be above the Eurozone average (where estimates point to an increase of 0.8% in 2024 and 1.7% in 2025).

As a consequence of its membership in the European Union, Portugal today has a significant level of Foreign Direct Investment. Portugal today boasts one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe, with many firms bringing new projects to Portugal, thanks to the investments made over the past decade in human resources, infrastructure, and technology, which offer enormous opportunities for those wishing to launch or invest in new businesses.

The country has high levels of productivity growth in both manufacturing and services, particularly tourism. Its telecommunications infrastructure network is also particularly advanced.

In addition to the two main economic hubs – Lisbon and Porto -, the country offers a privileged location between Europe, America, and Africa. It’s a great gateway to Europe, but also to all the world’s Portuguese-speaking countries, including Brazil.

Portugal is also a country with a high quality of life for its residents. It is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and, in terms of business, it doesn’t involve huge costs or over-investment.

With talented people in Spain and Portugal, ALTIOS strengthens its commitment to its customers and partners in the Iberian Peninsula.


“Altios, already present in Spain, has opened a subsidiary in Portugal to support our international customers in their strategy within the Iberian Peninsula. Doing so, ALTIOS completes its footprint in Portugal, serving also companies looking to approach the Brazilian market through Portugal, and the European market from Brazil”, mentions Manuel Moreno, Altios Managing Partner for Spain and Portugal


“The opening of this subsidiary allows us to introduce you to the country’s great potential and to support better our clients in their own expansion in Portugal, capitalizing on the opportunities for growth offered by this dynamic, solid, mature, and flourishing market. Portuguese companies will also benefit from our international network to grow and scale their business worldwide”, says Patrick Ferron, Co-Founding Partner of Altios.

About ALTIOS: Founded in 1991, ALTIOS is a leading global advisory firm focused on Small and Mid-Cap companies’ international expansion and cross-border investment. We help companies with a unique presence of 750 multi-cultural specialists in 40 global offices spamming the 23 global largest markets.

ALTIOS has been supporting 12,000 ambitious companies, from global growth strategy to international business expansion, incorporation and accounting with everyday compliance administration – HR, payroll, accounting, tax… – to strategic cross-border acquisition and direct investment, acting as an international trusted partner for our clients. We generate new revenue and simplify international operations in the world’s major growing economies.

ALTIOS works with international businesses, investment funds, banks, clusters and government agencies.

Our values: Listening, Team Spirit, Agility, Passion, Entrepreneurship

Contact:, Linkedin.

Press contact: Patrick Ferron, Co-Founding Partner, / Manuel Moreno, Managing Partner for Spain and Portugal,

ALTIOS Corporate Finance supports Oncodesign Services in the acquisition of the Dutch company ZoBio

Press Release – January 2024

A Strategic Acquisition in the Netherlands, strengthening Oncodesign Services' Position in Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Oncodesign Services, a French Preclinical Drug Discovery company, has completed the acquisition of the
Dutch company ZoBio expert in biophysics-based Small Molecule Drug Discovery.

Oncodesign Services is a leading European CRO in preclinical drug discovery. The company supports its
biotech and pharmaceutical customers in the preclinical evaluation of experimental therapies in oncology
and immuno-inflammation, drawing on its expertise in medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry,
DMPK, pharmaco-imaging, and molecular radiotherapy. The company has successfully developed several
drug candidates that have reached the clinical development phase together with its partner clients. Since
January 2023, the funds advised by Elyan Partners have been the majority shareholder in Oncodesign

ZoBio is a Dutch player specializing in the early stages of preclinical research on small molecules. ZoBio
has built a class-leading platform that provides a complete solution for Fragment Based Drug Discovery
to their clients. Their gene-to-lead capabilities include protein production, biophysical and functional
assays, structural biology (crystallography, NMR & cryoEM), and fragment-focused medicinal chemistry.

The acquisition of ZoBio strengthens Oncodesign Services in the upstream phase of Drug Discovery to
form a European player offering integrated drug candidate discovery services, specializing in small
molecules. The combined entities generated nearly €44m in sales in 2023 and have over 280 employees
spread between France, the Netherlands, and with subsidiaries in Canada and the USA.

Oncodesign Services aims to become a European leader in Drug Discovery, by offering integrated services,
placing operational excellence at the heart of its strategy, and investing in innovative technologies.

In conjunction with this transaction, Nov Santé Actions Non Cotées, managed by Eurazeo, is investing in
Oncodesign Services, thereby increasing the resources available to finance external growth and giving the
Company the benefit of its expertise as an investor specializing in Life Sciences.

A transaction led by Altios Corporate Finance

  • Altios Corporate Finance advised and supported Oncodesign Services in its external growth strategy. The mandate included identifying companies with a geographical and technological fit with Oncodesign Services, making contact with relevant targets, analyzing ZoBio’s strategic and commercial positioning, and then providing support during the negotiation and due diligence coordination phases.
  • Altios Corporate Finance’s role:
    • Screening, market research, identification, and qualification of potential acquisition targets in several countries
    • Approach of qualified targets
    • Coordination of due diligence, including commercial due diligence (customer interviews)
    • Analysis of customer satisfaction and service quality.

With this transaction, Altios Corporate Finance confirms its ability to support its clients in complex operations and bring strategic cross-border transactions to a successful conclusion.

  • Altios Corporate Finance confirms its positioning as a buy-side M&A advisor in international small & mid cap external growth transactions.
  • Altios also demonstrates its ability to forge long-term relationships with its customers, enabling it to provide support that is as close as possible to the strategic capital-intensive challenges facing companies, in conjunction with the Crédit Agricole Group and in particular the Champagne Bourgogne Regional Bank, which helped establish the business relationship with Oncodesign Services 3 years ago.

Testimony of Oncodesign Services

We are delighted to welcome ZoBio to the Group, strengthening our offering of preclinical small molecule drug discovery services, from therapeutic target to clinical entry, thanks to leading-edge skills and technologies. Oncodesign Services and ZoBio are highly complementary, and we share the same ambition of working together to identify innovative new drug candidates for our customers in major therapeutic areas. I would like to extend my warmest thanks to our partners at Altios, Elyan Partners, Eurazeo, and my management team for their excellent support in this acquisition, which is an important and transforming first step in the Group's development strategy

Fabrice Viviani, CEO – Oncodesign Services

Testimony of Elyan Partners

The acquisition of ZoBio reflects the ambition we share with the management team of Oncodesign Services to build a European leader in preclinical services. It is a strategic move for Oncodesign Services, which acquires the expertise needed to develop an integrated offering from therapeutic target to regulatory preclinical stage. It will also enable the Group to accelerate its growth and internationalization through ZoBio's strong presence in North America from its base in the Netherlands, combined with Oncodesign Services' excellent positioning in Europe.

Jean-François Félix & Maxence de Vienne, Partners – Elyan Partners

Testimony of Altios Corporate Finance

We are delighted to have been able to bring about this value-creating merger for the Oncodesign Services group, which will continue its international expansion to become a European leader in preclinical services. Our close and trusting relationship with the management of Oncodesign Services and the Elyan Partners teams has enabled us to complete this transaction under the best possible conditions.

Alexandre Kaplan, M&A Director and Partner – Altios Corporate Finance


Buyer’s advisors:
Altios Corporate Finance (M&A) : Alexandre Kaplan, Elia Laurent, Nicolas Vacher
➢ Financial : FTI Bold – Saskia Hinkenkemper, Arnoud Hattink, Anne van der Giessen, Arthur Oomen
➢ Legal : McDermott Will & Emery – Henri Pieyre de Mandiargues, Côme de Saint-Vincent, Lucie Martin, Natacha Vasak
➢ Legal : DeBreij – Gaston Freijser, Robert Vodegel, Maxime Jongh
➢ Fiscal : VanLoman – Marc Oostenbroek, Lotte van Rij, Maiken Rooker, Daniël Pieters
➢ ESG : ERM – Maryelle Ouvrard, Aurélien Beckmann, Siena Schickler

Contact Press: Alexandre Kaplan, M&A Director,

ALTIOS Corporate Finance supports RAGNI in the acquisition of the German company HESS GmbH LICHT + FORM

Press Release – December 2023

An acquisition allowing RAGNI to Expand its activities internationally

  • In June 2023, the shareholders of Ragni, a French company offering design and manufacture of public lighting solutions, through its RAGNI brands, NOVEA ENERGIES and SEVⓔ brands, decided to acquire 100% of Hess GmbH Licht + Form, subsidiary of Nordeon Holding GmbH and Experience Brands S.a.r.l., an international manufacturer of designed outdoor luminaires and site furnishings.

  • Nordeon Holding GmbH (newly renamed Experience Brands) is an industrial group specializing in lighting. The group comprises the Nordeon, Vulkan and Hess brands. Hess GmbH and Hess USA, respectively for their areas of activities (Hess GmbH on the European market), have been acquired by Nordeon in 2013, including the two production sites of Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany) and Gaffney (USA). The traditional VULKAN brand, whose roots go back to 1898, is a pioneer in LED lighting for streets, junctions, parking lots, pedestrian zones and public facilities.

  • The Ragni group is now a team of 400 specialists offering services to ensure the development, and manufacturing of public lighting products and smart city solutions for international markets.

  • This acquisition helps Ragni into their international development, as their first acquisition outside of France. The leading position of Ragni within the French territory and the leading position of Hess GmbH in Germany and in Europe will strengthens the company’s position in the European street lighting market, particularly in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

  • The Ragni group, run by the eponymous family, has a long history of commitment to innovation and quality in the field of street lighting, with an expected Turnover of nearly €100 million for 2023. With its strong family values, the group shares with Hess a common passion for excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

A transaction supported by Altios Corporate Finance

  • Altios Corporate Finance advised Ragni on the transaction for the purchase of Hess GmbH Licht + Form.
  • The mandate consisted in valuing and analyzing the financial situation of the Hess GmbH Licht + Form, then assisting with the negotiation phase (LOI), coordinating due diligence and contractual documents (SPA, Supply Agreement, IP Agreement) in cooperation with the sellers’ advisors, in accordance with the parties’ agreements and the requirements of German law.
  • The role of Altios Corporate Finance:
    > Financial analysis and valuation of the target company
    > Support in negotiating LOI, SPA & other contractual documents
    > Due diligence coordination

Testimony of Ragni SAS

We had the opportunity to meet the ALTIOS team who presented the portfolio of their knowledge for accompanying our company in the M&A process, we have been extremely happy to collaborate, the team was dedicated, the management of the project has been handled in a perfect way to let us work on what was our expertise, we will definitively have the opportunity to collaborate again!

Jean-Christophe Ragni, General Manager at Ragni Group

Testimony of Altios Corporate Finance

We are pleased to have concluded this first international acquisition for Ragni. The acquisition of Hess, one of the historical German brands in lighting solutions will enable the group to become the European leader in its sector. The start of a successful international expansion, to be continued!

Alexandre Kaplan, M&A Director at Altios Corporate Finance


Buyer’s advisors:
Altios Corporate Finance (M&A) : Alexandre Kaplan and Camille Garbolino
➢ LPA (Legal) : Dr. Leif Gösta Gerlin, Dr. Steffen Paulmann, Matthias Krämer and Björn Joachim
➢ PwC (Financial) : Sinan Kücükakyüz, Fabio Lorenzo Recupero, Marc Klusch and Matthias Bühler (PWC Transaction Services GmbH)

Sellers’ advisors:
➢ Carlsquare (M&A) : Griffin Steele and Christoph Margotti
➢ Deloitte (Legal) : Marcus C. Spangenberger, Dirk Haenisch and Frank Tschentscher

Contact Press: Alexandre Kaplan, M&A Director,

ALTIOS strengthens its FDI offering for Government Agencies by Acquiring Frenger Consulting Services Ltd, a Leading FDI Advisory Firm Headquartered in the UK

Press Release – November 2nd, 2023

Attracting international investment from Mid-Cap companies expanding globally to accelerate business growth in cities, regions, provinces, states and countries.

ALTIOS International (750+ people, 37 global offices in 22 countries) announces the acquisition of Frenger Consulting Services Ltd (a leading foreign direct investment advisory firm with 40 years’ experience, HQ in London) to strengthen their team of FDI experts, data analytics and networks.

Together, ALTIOS and Frenger Consulting Services Ltd will provide strong FDI expertise, corporate networks and results to Economic Development Organizations looking for new investors on a global scale.

With synergies across both organizations, the two firms will leverage their respective international footprint and in-country delivery capabilities in 22 countries, tools and teams of FDI experts, to create an integrated global FDI offer to Government Agencies, Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) and Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs).

Your Trusted Partner for International Investment

Together, the alliance of Altios International and Frenger Consulting Services creates a leading international FDI services firm supporting Government Agencies to attract and retain international investors in different geographical locations:

/ Over 55 years of combined experience in FDI promotion for EDOs and IPAs;

/ A unique and powerful international network of over 750 professionals in 37 global offices : USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland & Eastern Europe, UAE, India, China, Hong-Kong, Singapore & Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia;

/ A local presence in the world’s key hubs: LATAM, APAC, Middle East;

/ Over 12,000 fast-growing companies worldwide supported through their international journey;

/ Over 350 international FDI missions for institutions in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

We know what it takes to succeed internationally and our clients benefit as a result

This acquisition aims to create long-term value for our corporate clients who believe that internationalization is a key asset for their growth strategy. Altios’ 12,000 corporate clients all over the world will benefit from an increased network and extended expertise for their international investment projects.

EDOs and IPAs will benefit from Frenger Consulting Services’ expertise and from Altios’ local presence in 22 countries to instantly access all major markets and boost their inward investment growth worldwide.

Altios has been supporting businesses expand internationally for 30 years, with a considerable increase in interest in our business model in the past few years” says Patrick Ferron, Co-Founding Partner of Altios International. “Altios and Frenger Consulting Services Ltd have a shared vision and our partnership enables us to take a big step towards achieving this. Our combined platform will add tremendous value to Government Agencies to gain access to our networks and customer base to facilitate international inward investment into their local ecosystem” says Patrick Ferron.

Joining Altios is a natural fit for Frenger Consulting Services Ltd. We specialize in supporting EDOs and IPAs who are looking for new investors in key growing international markets. Altios’ international presence, with local offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific expands our footprint and direct access to the corporate clientele targeted by our customers. This merger is also a key advantage for international companies assisted by Altios to facilitate their international expansion thanks to our introductions with local authorities and government agencies” say Pauline Bourcet and Marie-Laure Decotignie, Managing Partners at Frenger Consulting Services Ltd. 

About ALTIOS: Founded in 1991, ALTIOS is a leading global advisory firm focused on Small and Mid-Cap companies’ international expansion and cross-border investment. We help companies with a unique presence of 750 multi-cultural specialists in 37 global offices spanning the 22 global largest markets. ALTIOS has been supporting 12,000 ambitious companies, from global growth strategy to international business expansion, incorporation and accounting with everyday compliance administration – HR, payroll, accounting, tax … – to strategic cross-border acquisition and direct investment, acting as an international trusted partner.

We generate new revenue and streamline international operations in the world’s major growing economies.

ALTIOS works with global companies, investment funds, banks, trade associations and government agencies.

Our values: Listening, Team Spirit, Agility, Passion, Entrepreneurship

Contact:, Linkedin

Press contact: Patrick Ferron, Co-Founding Partner,

About Frenger Consulting Services Ltd: Founded in 1983, Frenger Consulting Services Ltd is a leading international FDI advisory firm providing services to Economic Development Organizations and Investment Promotion Agencies looking to attract international investors into their territory. Headquartered in London, we provide FDI lead generation services to agencies from Europe, the Americas and Asia. Our strengths are our team of experts, our proprietary CRM with more than 130,000 companies researched on the basis of their international growth potential. We act as an extension of our clients’ team on the ground.

Contact:, Tel: +44 208 202 4111

Press contact: Pauline Bourcet, Managing Partner,

ALTIOS Corporate Finance supports Susty Wastes Solutions in joining forces with Polemecanic Group

Press Release – June 23th, 2023

Strengthening the position in Poland and France

  • In April 2023, the shareholders of Susty Wastes Solutions, a French company offering design and construction services for sorting lines for selective waste collection, and the shareholders of Polmecanic Group, a Polish group of companies specializing in the production, installation and service of waste recycling facilities, decided to merge their operations.
  • The newly formed SWS-PG group comprises 12 companies in France, Belgium, Germany and Poland, and a team of 300 specialists offering complete vertical integration of plant operation for selective waste collection, as well as, among others, the assembly of steel structures, modernization of industrial equipment and relocation of equipment and production lines.
  • The decision to join forces, a result of many years of successful cooperation between Susty Wastes Solutions and Polmecanic Group, will allow to fully exploit the synergies existing between the companies, and thus to further strengthen the SWS-PG group’s position in the European market.

Transaction supported by ALTIOS Corporate Finance

  • ALTIOS Poland’s Corporate Finance Department advised Susty Wastes Solutions on the transaction for the purchase of Polmecanic Group shares.
  • ALTIOS’ role was to prepare, in cooperation with the sellers’ advisors, the transaction documentation in accordance with the parties’ agreements and the requirements of Polish law.

Susty Wastes Solutions' testimonial

We are proud of this wonderful development and of the opportunities which are opening for all of us. The relationship we built several years ago between Poland and France was already strong, and now it’s even stronger!
We’re excited to be able to unite our values, share our experiences and multiply our offers to serve our present and future customers even better.
We would like to thank our bank and legal partners for their trust, and also ALTIOS for its precious assistance.

Georges CHALAIN, General Director of Susty Wastes Solutions

Polmecanic Group's testimonial

It’s very satisfying to be able to bring two dynamic groups together in this way. On the one hand, it seems to me a natural consequence of our successful cooperation. After all, we have so much in common: business approaches, values and aspirations. We also complete each other very well in terms of branch competence.
On the other hand, I believe that there are new business opportunities, new paths of development ahead of us as well as new opportunities to exchange experiences and increase knowledge.
Therefore, I am not only proud of what we have achieved so far, but also very excited thinking about future challenges.

Adam Bokwa, CEO of Polmecanic Group

ALTIOS Corporate Finance's testimonial

“It is a true pleasure to support a transaction made between people who have known each other and worked together for years; a transaction that is another step in the development of specialized entities operating in the essential and rapidly growing waste recycling market in Europe, especially since it involves companies from countries that are particularly close to me: France and Poland. ”

Zdzislaw Dominik, Vice-president of ALTIOS Polska


Buyer’s advisors:

  • Legal: Pierre-Yves MILIN (attorney, Cabinet Milin)
  • Altios Corporate Finance: Zdzislaw Roland DOMINIK (Vice-president Altios Poland) / Magdalena FRAILE (Senior Project Manager) / Anne AUDRAIN (International Account Manager) / Piotr NOWORYTA (Senior Legal Adviser)

Sellers’ advisors:

  • Legal: Katarzyna WILAMOWSKA (attorney-at-law)
    Łukasz KRAWCZYK (attorney-at-law, SKR Stelmach Krawczyk Romanow Legal Office)

ALTIOS: Since 1991, the group offers international market expansion solutions to companies operating and investing internationally. ALTIOS supports you with everything you need, from nurturing your growth strategy to your international acceleration by entering dynamic markets, to set up and operate your foreign branch with everyday compliance administration – HR, accounting, tax… – through to strategic cross-border acquisition.

Contact Press : Alexandre Kaplan, M&A Director,

Crédit Agricole Italia in Trento with Altios International to promote the companies internationalization

First stage of the initiative “Coffee with Companies”, the Group on tour throughout Italy

"Coffee with Companies"

Trento, 2 February 2023 – The new series of meetings of “Coffee with Companies”, the itinerant initiative born from the collaboration between Crédit Agricole Italia and ALTIOS, has started from the Trento headquarters of Crédit Agricole in Piazza Pasila.

During this series of capillary meetings in the territories, Crédit Agricole Italia intends to accompany companies toward new opportunities and strategies, useful for the penetration of foreign markets, thanks to the Group’s international
network and to the services offered by its historical partner ALTIOS.

The first stage met with the participation of numerous companies from Trentino, interested in delving into particular issues related to countries where the Bank and ALTIOS, thanks to their international specialists, can provide direct support while amplifying their relational network.

For more information on the Crédit Agricole Italia website, click here.

"This event held in Trento, highlights how Italian companies need structured support for long-terminternational development.
Mirko Mottino
Country Manager ALTIOS Italy

Save the date

Here are the dates to remember about “Trade Finance and Internationalization”:

February 8th – Genova

March 22nd – Reggio Emilia

May 2nd – Palermo

May 3rd – Catania

May 16th – Brescia

May 23rd – Padova

May 30th – Udine

More information

To know more about this partnership, you can read our press release.

More about Italy: watch a webinar replay about “Tools and strategies for your international development”

ALTIOS Corporate Finance supports the French Group Hardis in the acquisition of the Polish Group Cloudity

Press Release – November 15th, 2022

Strengthening the presence in Poland

  • On November 15, 2022, Hardis Group, a French IT consulting and services company, and Salesforce and Workplace (Meta) integrator, announced the acquisition of the Polish group Cloudity, headquartered in Warsaw, with two subsidiaries in Germany and Sweden. Cloudity specializes in the digital transformation of companies; it’s the largest Polish pure player in solutions for the Salesforce platform, Tableau, Mulesoft and Slack. In 2022, Cloudity will achieve a turnover of 10 million euros, an increase of 35% compared to 2021.
  • This acquisition reinforces Hardis Group’s position as a major player in Salesforce solutions in Europe. Through this operation, Hardis Group confirms its desire to become the European leader with a team of 350 consultants and a presence in key markets.
  • Hardis Group successfully combines activities in three areas: IT consulting and services, integration of Salesforce and Workplace, and WMS software (Reflex) publishing. The company, established in 4 countries, employs 1250 people and has a turnover of 133 million euros in 2021.

An operation led by Altios Corporate Finance

  • Altios advised Hardis Group through its Polish teams in the Corporate Finance division. The mandate consisted of identifying Polish players integrating Salesforce solutions able to complement Hardis Group’s offer, contacting potential targets, providing support during the negotiations and preparing the signing.
  • Altios Corporate Finance’s role included:

– Market research and identification of potential acquisition targets

– Approach of targets without a sell side mandate

– Assistance in negotiating the terms and conditions of the transaction

– Analysis and conclusions of the financial, legal, and tax due diligence

  • Altios has been supporting Hardis Group in its international development as part of a long-term relationship. Initially, Altios aided with the creation of Hardis Group’s Polish subsidiary and then with its accounting, HR and administrative management. As the next step, Altios accompanied Hardis Group in its external growth strategy in Poland and will support the integration process and other projects.
  • With the completion of this transaction, Altios Corporate Finance demonstrates its ability to support clients in complex external growth operations and to carry out strategic cross-border transactions. Altios also proves its ability to build long-term relationships with its clients, offering professional advice that is as close as possible to the strategic capital challenges facing companies.
  • Transactional expertise and experience allows Altios and the Corporate Finance team to position themselves as buy-side advisors in small-mid cap international M&A operations.
  • This transaction is the result of a close cooperation between LCL, Hardis Group’s preferred bank, and Altios in the field of internationalization of Crédit Agricole Group customers.

Hardis Group’s Testimonial

« Altios is a key partner in our development in Central Europe. Altios’ teams were already involved in the creation and management of our Polish subsidiary and supported us throughout the Cloudity acquisition process. From the screening of the market to the successful conclusion of the deal, we were able to rely on their professionalism and expertise, particularly in terms of local regulations. But what we appreciate most in our collaboration is the commitment of the Altios team, and its integration into our growth project, which makes it a trusted ally for today and tomorrow.»

Nicolas ODET, CEO Hardis Group

Altios Corporate Finance Testimonial

« This acquisition naturally reflects Hardis Group’s internal dynamism and supports its organic growth. We have been pleased to accompany the client throughout the process. Since Hardis Group could rely on professional support from Credit Mutuel Equity, BMA Groupe and BCTG Avocats, we focused on Altios’ added value – the international and intercultural aspects. We facilitated the growth of the links and synergies that we sensed during the first contacts with Cloudity’s shareholders, who at that time had not yet made a decision on future development strategy. The trust and understanding that emerged from the first exchanges between the Hardis team – Nicolas Odet, President, Yvan Coutaz, General Manager and Karim Ogbi, Director of Salesforce & Workplace, and Cloudity’s shareholders- Pawel Sobczak and Andrzej Chodor, which has continued to deepen during the negotiations, allows us to develop integration processes on several levels and with significant opportunities for both organizations “.

Zdzislaw Dominik, VP Altios Pologne

Press Contact: Alexandre Kaplan, Managing Director Altios Corporate Finance,

ALTIOS: 30 years old, an international success story

altios 30 ans

ALTIOS is the story of a passion for international business and the meeting of 5 personalities.

Founded in Sydney in 1991 by Bruno Mascart, Altios’ mission was initially to support European companies looking to set up in Australia. Over the years, Bruno was joined by David Gerard, Patrick Ferron, Boris Lechevalier and finally Klaus Maier, each one contributing to the Corporate DNA.

Altios’ journey

ALTIOS’ services have evolved considerably over the last few years to go beyond traditional marketing and sales assistance services. Today, the group offers real expertise integrating all the internationalization solutions enabling companies to expand at each stage of their growth on a market.

As a leading international advisory firm for Small and Mid-Cap companies expanding in the G30, Altios records:
+ 10,500 carried out projects
+ 2,000 managed employees
+ 1,700 created subsidiaries
+ 750 employees
22 locations spread over the largest markets
4 solutions adapted to each stage of #internationalization: Strategy, Development, Implementation & Investment