ALTIOS Announces Expansion of Operations in Portugal Through a New Subsidiary

Paris, Madrid, Lisbon – February 2024

ALTIOS, a leading global advisory firm specializing in international expansion and cross-border investment for Small and Mid-Cap companies (SMEs), continues to expand its worldwide presence. Building on the successful set up of an office in Spain (Madrid) 8 years ago, ALTIOS Group is strengthening its operations in the Iberian Peninsula by opening a new subsidiary in Portugal.

By 2025, the Portuguese economy is expected to grow by 2.3%. In both 2024 and 2025, the growth should be above the Eurozone average (where estimates point to an increase of 0.8% in 2024 and 1.7% in 2025).

As a consequence of its membership in the European Union, Portugal today has a significant level of Foreign Direct Investment. Portugal today boasts one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe, with many firms bringing new projects to Portugal, thanks to the investments made over the past decade in human resources, infrastructure, and technology, which offer enormous opportunities for those wishing to launch or invest in new businesses.

The country has high levels of productivity growth in both manufacturing and services, particularly tourism. Its telecommunications infrastructure network is also particularly advanced.

In addition to the two main economic hubs – Lisbon and Porto -, the country offers a privileged location between Europe, America, and Africa. It’s a great gateway to Europe, but also to all the world’s Portuguese-speaking countries, including Brazil.

Portugal is also a country with a high quality of life for its residents. It is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and, in terms of business, it doesn’t involve huge costs or over-investment.

With talented people in Spain and Portugal, ALTIOS strengthens its commitment to its customers and partners in the Iberian Peninsula.


“Altios, already present in Spain, has opened a subsidiary in Portugal to support our international customers in their strategy within the Iberian Peninsula. Doing so, ALTIOS completes its footprint in Portugal, serving also companies looking to approach the Brazilian market through Portugal, and the European market from Brazil”, mentions Manuel Moreno, Altios Managing Partner for Spain and Portugal


“The opening of this subsidiary allows us to introduce you to the country’s great potential and to support better our clients in their own expansion in Portugal, capitalizing on the opportunities for growth offered by this dynamic, solid, mature, and flourishing market. Portuguese companies will also benefit from our international network to grow and scale their business worldwide”, says Patrick Ferron, Co-Founding Partner of Altios.

About ALTIOS: Founded in 1991, ALTIOS is a leading global advisory firm focused on Small and Mid-Cap companies’ international expansion and cross-border investment. We help companies with a unique presence of 750 multi-cultural specialists in 40 global offices spamming the 23 global largest markets.

ALTIOS has been supporting 12,000 ambitious companies, from global growth strategy to international business expansion, incorporation and accounting with everyday compliance administration – HR, payroll, accounting, tax… – to strategic cross-border acquisition and direct investment, acting as an international trusted partner for our clients. We generate new revenue and simplify international operations in the world’s major growing economies.

ALTIOS works with international businesses, investment funds, banks, clusters and government agencies.

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Press contact: Patrick Ferron, Co-Founding Partner, / Manuel Moreno, Managing Partner for Spain and Portugal,

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