ALTIOS: 30 years old, an international success story

ALTIOS is the story of a passion for international business and the meeting of 5 personalities.

Founded in Sydney in 1991 by Bruno Mascart, Altios’ mission was initially to support European companies looking to set up in Australia. Over the years, Bruno was joined by David Gerard, Patrick Ferron, Boris Lechevalier and finally Klaus Maier, each one contributing to the Corporate DNA.

Altios’ journey in video

ALTIOS’ services have evolved considerably over the last few years to go beyond traditional marketing and sales assistance services. Today, the group offers real expertise integrating all the internationalization solutions enabling companies to expand at each stage of their growth on a market.

As a leading international advisory firm for Small and Mid-Cap companies expanding in the G30, Altios records:
/ + 10,500 carried out projects
/ + 2,000 managed employees
/ + 1,700 created subsidiaries
/ + 750 employees
/ 22 locations spread over the largest markets
/ 4 solutions adapted to each stage of internationalization: Strategy, Development, Implementation & Investment

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