Emblem Cranberry: its successful expansion in a very competitive market, the United States.

ALTIOS helps a company from Quebec to develop its international presence.

It is always helpful to have a local partner with contacts in your industry, especially when they have access to key players.

Jessica Parent
Business Development Director


  • Before the mission with ALTIOS, the United States represented a very strategic market for Emblem Cranberry which knew that it had not reached its maximum potential in this zone, both in terms of volume and diversification. In addition, the company had recently added frozen wild blueberries to its portfolio and wanted to analyze the potential of this new product. The competition for cranberry products was tough in this market due to the presence of large domestic players.
  • In addition to this obstacle, Emblem Cranberry did not have all the necessary information regarding the key players to expand in this market.


  • Thanks to the Agri-Food Export Group’s ZENiTH program, Emblem Cranberry benefited from an evolving field approach to avoid mistakes and reduce risks and expenses, thus ensuring a better return on investment.
  • For this company based in Sainte-Eulalie, Quebec, ALTIOS first conducted a specific market study to evaluate the potential of the company’s products in the U.S. market and to precisely identify opportunities and threats, market access conditions, and the state of competition.
  • ALTIOS then presented Emblem Cranberry with a market development strategy, through the validation of the product offer in the field, the modeling of the “country price” and the production of an operational implementation plan and an enriched commercial development strategy.
  • Finally, key players were identified and meetings were initiated with them.


Following the ZENiTH Program and the support of ALTIOS, Emblem Cranberry has signed contracts with 2 major players in the American market, which are in line with their brand image and are key players well established in the American market.

Two key tips

  • Gather information: it is essential to gather as much information as possible beforehand in order to be able to approach a new market with confidence. Whether it’s about certifications, export regulations, or the players and competition, Jessica Parent advises future exporters to be well prepared.
  • Surround yourself well: find the right partners who will help your company grow.

Discover Emblem Cranberry

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Company Profile

Founded in 2016

Packaging, Freezing, Sorting, and Calibrating Berries.

95% of exported production.

Mission: develop sales on the American market by defining needs, identifying opportunities and thus confirming and increasing the presence of Emblem Cranberry.

Target: U.S.


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