Finding a foothold in France

ALTIOS International’s expertise has been put to good use during a thorough market research that led to remarkable success. Abicalçados is the Brazilian Footwear Industry Association that represents some 350 brands across the country. Thanks to their collaborative work with local representatives as well as specialists in trade, promotion, and brand image, Abicalçados’ members currently export Brazilian-made shoes to over 150 countries around the world. Always looking to expand their market and highlight their country’s expertise, Abicalçados’s Rio Grande do Sul office has 30 full-time employees.

Business success that relies on local experts

Just how does a team of 30 successfully represents a country’s entire footwear industry and expands across the globe? The key is trusting local experts in every market they wish to expand in.

“In 2017, France was our new market,” says Paola Pontin, Trade Promotional Analyst at Abicalçados. “We hired the Paris branch of ALTIOS International to perform a market study for us and provide an overview of the footwear market in France.”

ALTIOS International’s reputation, proximity and local knowledge made the Paris office the perfect choice for Abicalçados. “ALTIOS did just about everything in Paris,” says Ms. Pontin. “We had a meeting with them to discuss what we needed and what they could bring to the table. Then, they interviewed consumers, key players, and decision makers—and the results will help us understand the French market for years to come.”

Solutions that make all the difference

Why did Abicalçados opt to do business with ALTIOS International?

“The French market is notoriously hard to enter with new brands,” says Ms. Pontin. “Plus being in Brazil, we had the added factors of distance, exchange rate, and more. We wanted to work with a local partner who could be our eyes and ears on the ground.”

The results speak for themselves.

“In France, brands require an agent,” continues Ms. Pontin. “That’s the main point the study concluded. ALTIOS International understood the market and local culture completely, and provided us with a real overview of the market and what we needed to do.”

“ALTIOS International’s strength is having their teams located in different parts around the world,” says Ms. Pontin. “Plus Didier Koch from ALTIOS’s São Paulo office came to present the study to us in person. It was very appreciated and we ended up with successful results.”

It pays to go global by thinking local

France is Brazil’s third-main export country, so for Abicalçados the question was never whether or not to expand into the French market, but how. “In 2017, our projects take-home $195 million—85% in exports alone. Our success is made possible by our partnerships with players on the ground.”


If you’d like to speak with ALTIOS International’s representative for Abicalçados and learn more about opportunities in the region, please contact Christelle OLIVEIRA at c.oliveira@altios-international.com or +33 1 53 83 89 22

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