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Altios Guides Abicalçados’ Entry into the Competitive French Footwear Market

In France, brands require an agent. From the study, we understood this to be our key factor to succeed in the competitive French footwear market.

Paola Pontin
Trade Promotional Analyst, Abicalçados


  • The Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) represents the country’s footwear industry and 350 brands in Brazil.
  • As the second-largest importer of Brazilian-made leather footwear, entry into the French market was instrumental for Abicalçados as well as the other 350 brands.
  • With a staff of only 30 full-time employees, Abicalçados needed a trusted partner to penetrate and succeed in the French footwear market.
  • The French market is notoriously hard to enter with new brands,” said Paola Pontin, Trade Promotional Analyst at Abicalçados. “Plus, being in Brazil, we had the added factors of distance, exchange rate, and more.”
  • It was essential to find the best way to expand its exports into the country.


  • Altios’ reputation, proximity, and local knowledge of the French marketplace made them the perfect choice for Abicalçados.
  • Altios looked at market entry and growth for Brazilan footwear imports into France.
  • We had a meeting with Altios to discuss our needs and what they could bring to the table. Their French team interviewed consumers, key players, and decision-makers,” said Pontin.


  • Altios helped Abicalçados understand the dynamics of the market and optimal point of entry.
  • The analysis of growth opportunities and market research provided the information needed by Abicalçados to serve best the 350-member footwear brands.
  • Altios’ strength is its teams in the major markets,” said Pontin. “Didier Koch from Altios’ São Paulo office came to our office to present the study. The conclusions of Altios’ in-depth study not only helped us better understand the French footwear marketplace but will help us in the years to come.”

Learn more about Abicalçados: https://www.abicalcados.com.br/en

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International Sales: Footwear is a $1 billion export industry in Brazil to more than 150 countries

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