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What about Global HR?

As an SME or medium-sized company, you are certainly looking for solutions for your international HR strategy.

Morgane Pinault, Head of the Global HR Solutions Practice by ALTIOS, answers 3 key questions regarding the role of human resources in the internationalization of a company.

Morgane Pinault

What advice and solutions for a company wishing to expand into a new market?

In their internationalization process, most companies will focus on their strategy or finance to get the project done. However, all business starts once you have invested in people.

In fact, 80% of French SMEs and SMIs believe that Human Resources are an obstacle in their internationalization strategy.

It is therefore essential to address this issue and place the employee at the center of the international project.

Global HR by ALTIOS: what are the concrete solutions we can bring you?

Two years ago, we worked with our clients in Open Innovation mode to determine the best HR solution to meet the HR challenges of our clients.

With them, we have designed an HR compass that allows you to always find the solution to your problem in France and internationally.

Our ADVISE offer

Our RECRUIT offer

We intervene at different levels. Upstream :

  • How do I organize my human resources to develop internationally?
  • How do I align my HR strategy with my international strategy?
  • Which talents are already in my company?
  • How do I evaluate them, and how do I develop them?
  • Which talents do I need to equip myself with?

We also intervene in the HR transformation of companies, through assessment, through reorganization, through post-acquisition projects.

  • How do I integrate a new company or a new activity into my company?

Human resources being a key issue for our clients, we are involved in recruitment.

  • We recruit for you international profiles specialized in Business Development, International Strategy, Marketing or Management. And this, in France and abroad.
  • When you are facing a crisis or a particular situation that requires temporary recruitment, we can work with you on interim management.

Have you finally identified the right talent for the right project in the right place in the world? We will secure your project by providing all our technical, administrative, social and salary support, but also by providing you with a solution dedicated to the performance of your employees.

A fulfilled employee who succeeds in his or her mission in his or her country is a success for him or her, and a success for your company.

What is the added value of Global HR Solutions by ALTIOS?

It’s about our international presence through our dedicated HR experts.

You can count on us to be your trusted partner for all the HR issues you face today.

Moreover, you can rely on us at your headquarters to coordinate all your international projects, but also locally. Indeed, we will do our best to support your local teams in their performance.

Put people back at the heart of your international project and count on us to support you.

Watch the full video:

Play Video about hr expert talk morgane

Take advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program.

You are a company doing business internationally and locally present in the U.S. Be aware of the latest measures taken by the US government to support US businesses? The paycheck protection program (PPP) is one of them.

To get a quick idea of what the PPP offers, have a look at the infographic design below.


Click here to visit the official website of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

If you need help to know whether your business is eligible and how to obtain loans and subventions, contact Louis Blard, our Head of Corporate Services, Altios U.S. :, t. +1 (917) 224-2570.

January 31th, 2021

A “Comprehensive Agreement -in principle- on Investment” (CAI) has been reached between China & EU countries after 35 rounds of negotiations. It will replace the 25 bilateral investment treaties that China signed individually with EU countries.

For 20 years, cumulative FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) flows from the EU to China stayed higher compared to Chinese investments in Europe : +140 billion EUR Europe to China versus 120 billion EUR Chinese FDI to the EU (European commission data).

About half of EU FDI in China is in the manufacturing sector, with the German automotive industry as the main investor. Chinese FDI to Europe are primarily directed to strategic areas such as infrastructure and high technology.


What is the opportunity for EU?

The agreement establishes the obligation for Chinese stated-own enterprises to provide more business information and transparency on subsidies in the services sectors.

The CAI forbids requirements to transfer technology to a joint venture partner.


What is the opportunity for China?


Other outstanding topics regarding this agreement?

More information about key elements of the agreement

Contact our Teams in China

November 15th, 2020

RCEP is a Free Trade Agreement signed on November 15th after 8 years of negotiation between Asia Pacific major 15 countries : China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and 10 ASEAN countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand etc).


The objective is to implement a regional commercial cooperation similar to the EU or NAFTA – focusing on the commercial side since the agreement does not cover labor or environmental standards.

This deal represents around 25% of global international trade and 30% of the global GDP in value, reaching population of 2.3 billion individuals.


What does this FT Agreement include?

Objectives :


Questions around this FTA


How RCEP may help ALTIOS clients?

Contact our Teams in Asia

November 12th, 2020

European countries are facing a new round of shutdowns and restrictions in mobility due to an increase of Covid-19 cases, and borders are once again closed. Despite the local shutdowns, however, staying globally relevant is becoming increasingly important for companies.

In this challenging context, many French companies are scrambling to hire talents in their target markets in order to sustain their growth and build upon their initial investments.

ALTIOS along with our global partner M+V offered you the opportunity to participate in a dedicated webinar on key HR issues such as the recruitment and management of international talents, drawing from key experiences with European clients in India.

? November 12th, 2020

Lockdown 2020: How to hire and manage international talents?
Focus on India

▶️ Access to the Replay

Watch and share the experience of local experts:

September 16th, 2020

Are you an Italian company willing to develop your activity ? Do you need to deepen your knowledge of the global markets? Altios Italy in partnership with Crédit Agricole Italy organized a new session of expert talks and webinars last week:

From Monday 28th September to Friday 2nd October 2020


To watch the Replay of our 3 webinars, click on their link:

“Le dinamiche di internazionalizzazione ai tempi del Covid-19: gli strumenti per favorire la ripresa”

“Le gare d’appalto in Francia: tendenze e consigli per una partecipazione efficace”

“Operazioni di crescita esterna: le opportunità all’estero”

Altios Italia e il gruppo bancario Crédit Agricole Italia hanno il piacere di inviarvi all’evento online “Settimana dell’internazionalizzazione”, che si terrà nei giorni dal 28 settembre al 2 ottobre 2020.

La settimana si svilupperà attraverso un ciclo di seminari online, intervallati da sessioni di incontri B2B a cui possono prendere parte imprese di ogni settore, per avere l’opportunità di discutere di progetti o problematiche con esperti attivi nei maggior mercati mondiali.

Per partecipare basta cliccare sul tasto “MI ISCRIVO”, vi contatteremo in seguito per fornirvi il programma dettagliato e organizzare gli appuntamenti B2B.

September 21th, 2020

You are an Italian company in the technology sector serving the food industry?

To deepen your knowledge of the Russian market and discuss specific projects or problems with experts operating there, Altios Italy organized experts talks:

? From 24th July to Tuesday 28th July

Georges Karev, our Country Director at Altios Russia, could help companies explore business opportunities during a 40 minutes appointment.

If you are still interested in developing on the Russian market, just contact us in Italy.

▶️ Contact Mirko Mottino or Andrea Magistrelli: or

June 19th, 2020

To deepen your knowledge of the Chinese market and discuss specific projects or problems with experts operating there, Altios and Crédit Agricole Italia, with the partnership of Sopexa, organized a webinar and experts talks:

? last June 11th, 9.00 – 10.00 CEST

You are an Italian company willing to develop your activity or set up in China?

▶️ Watch the video replay:

June, 2020

How is the current situation in the UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in June in the COVID-19 context ? What are the evolutions concerning travels, lockdown, measures and economy ?

Just click on the link to download our last study : Situation & measures against COVID-19 in the UAE & Saudi Arabia

Contact ALTIOS Middle-East ( to learn more about the opportunities in the UAE and Gulf region or send an email to our Global Help Desk :

Mai 29th, 2020

All our economies have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. But what is the real impact for the United Arab Emirates and the GCC region? What is the impact across sectors?

Get visibility and valuable insights on the business opportunities created or reinforced by Covid-19.

ALTIOS Middle-East will help you have a better understanding of the current situation in the region and identify business strategies and opportunities in order to make your businesses fruitful again.

Where are the opportunities in light of the COVID-19 crisis?

  • Government support: stimulus package of 70 Bn $
  • Food and beverage : delivery services, health & wellness food, subscription, modified atmosphere agriculture
  • Healthcare: E-Health (including AI, Big Data, blockchain, and IoT), virtual diagnosis, local formulations
  • Renewable energies: with oil prices dropping, need for new energy sources (energy storage, sourcing, digitalization/automation)
  • ICT: the United Arab Emirates are at the heart of the digital revolution (cybersecurity, artificial intelligence ministry, IoT, 5G)
  • Supply chain management

Contact ALTIOS Middle-East ( to learn more about the opportunities in the UAE and Gulf region or send an email to our Global Help Desk :

Our study offers you some keys to understand the impact of COVID-19 in the UAE and GCC region, opportunities and implications for growth.

Just click on the link to download it : COVID 19 IMPACT IN THE UAE AND GCC REGION