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The five key steps to prepare your M&A operation

Infographie M&A V2

November 2021

External growth is one of the quickest ways, for SMEs to grow its business and expand its operations (activities, services, clients) abroad. However, a Merger & Acquisition process faces many challenges, especially in an international context.
5 prerequisites are critical, before beginning your M&A project.

Integrate external growth to your development strategy
External VS Organic growth : define the best way to enter a new country, new market. External growth can be quicker in most cases but a preliminary analysis is mandatory before launching a full process. It can lead to value loss if not done correctly.
/ Verify your financing capacity (level of Enterprise Value) to assess the size of the target you can aim

Appoint a Project Manager
/ Name a Project Manager within your organization that will be the link between all
the parties involved (advisors, targets, banks, etc.) and that can
allocate a significant amount of time
/ Depending on the size of the project, define the scope of responsibilities of each relevant member involved in the project: decision-making process, role of each member, etc. Ex: CFO can be involved during the valuation phase but no need at the beginning, CLO can be involved for NDA, CEO to decide if a target is relevant

Define the ideal target
Define the company size (employee, revenue/EBITDA, balance sheet.)

/ Define the activity / services / products / sectors / clients
/ Define the geographical scope (region, country)
/ Define the other criteria (type of ownership, type of acquisition, type of clients, management team, etc.)

Adapt to cultural differences
/ In the first approach of the potential targets: the first approach is always complicated as we do not know if the targets are ready to sell their companies or open to share information. The idea is to create the opportunity. Each approach must adapt to cultural specificities to maximize the chances of opening the door and getting information
/ In the negotiation phase and the M&A process: adapting to cultural differences is key: respect the agenda / calendar, communicate clearly, do not rush and take the time to advance at the rhythm of the target
/ In the post-deal integration: must be prepared as it does not only concern top management / owners anymore but all the employees. Put in place a planning and a project manager to run properly the integration. Decide to change branding (depending on the market), decide to mutualize tools (IT, finance, HR, etc.).

Specify the schedule
/ Define the planning of the process for the main steps: duration of each step (2 months for the screening, 2 months for the approach phase, 4 months for Due Diligence, etc.). It’s mandatory to be structured and to advance step by step
/ Adapt to the agenda / calendar of each target (might be quicker than expected if the target is in an active
sale process / longer if the target is initially not ready to sell)

Infographie M&A V2

Altios, in partnership with Crédit Agricole, is organizing a webinar and individual meetings for Polish companies interested in the Indian market.

August 2021

For many years, India has been perceived as one of the most promising global markets – in part due to its 1.4 billion-strong population, high-growth economy, and political stability.

Recent forecasts show that India is quickly recovering from the economic crisis of 2020. The question arises whether it is the right moment to do business with the world’s largest democracy.

Experts from ALTIOS and Crédit Agricole will discuss the specificities of the Indian market and how you can take advantage of them to expand or set up in this prospective market!
A company that successfully launched operations in India will also share its experience.

Key themes of discussion:

  • Macroeconomics/Business outlook
  • Analysis of key factors for market entrance/expansion in India
  • How to search for the best partner or the ideal business developer
  • Presence and solutions of Crédit Agricole in India

Are you interested in the Indian market and want some specific advice?

Do not hesitate to register for our B2B meeting. Our experts will provide you with all the information you are looking for!

The webinar will be held on August 26th, 2021 from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m.
All subjects will be presented in English.


  • Sophie WIEVIORKA, Asia Economist, Group Economic Research, Crédit Agricole S.A.
  • Klaus MAIER, Altios Group Managing Partner
  • Madhav RAINA-THAPAN, VP Business Development, Altios India
  • Shishir PUNDLIK, Executive Director and HeadMNC Coverage, North & West India Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank India

Testimonials from successful companies in Poland:

▶️ You can either register to the webinar or a B2B meeting alone, or to both these events: Register now

Webinar Organizers: Altios Polska Sp. z o.o., Altios International and Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A., are your personal data controllers and will process data to conduct the webinar and B2B meetings.

Detailed information regarding the processing of personal data by Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A. is available on:

Detailed information regarding the processing of personal data by Altios Polska Sp. z o.o. and Altios International is available on:

The Embassy of the United States in France and SelectUSA, in partnership with ALTIOS, invited companies to a webinar last Tuesday, May 4th, dedicated to the opportunities of setting up business in the United States.

May 2021

Click on the link below to watch the replay of this webinar (be aware that this webinar is almost fully in French):

Some key data to know :

  • Direct investment by French companies in the United States is a major component of their development in the American market.
  • The American subsidiaries of French companies employ more than 700,000 people in the United States and rank France 4th among foreign countries for the number of direct jobs created in the United States.
  • French companies are very active in the United States in high technology, but also in many other fields.
  • The United States offers an extremely favorable environment for companies, with a highly skilled workforce, very competitive investment tax incentives, very efficient infrastructure and supply chain networks, and an excellent platform for investing in all markets of the American continent, North, Central and South.


  • Scott Pozil – Commercial Affairs Advisor to the U.S. Embassy in France for Western and Southern Europe
  • Patrick Ferron – Managing Partner Group ALTIOS International USA


  • Brian Aggeler, Chargé d’affaires, ad interim – Embassy of the United States of America Paris, France.

SelectUSA Program & SelectUSA Summit 2021:

  • Ryan Wallace – Senior International Investment Specialist, SelectUSA – U.S. Department of Commerce – International Trade Administration

Testimonials from successful companies in the United States:

  • Michel Durrieu General Manager International & CEO North America HUTTOPIA (10 mn)

Legal aspects of setting up in the United States :


  • Patrick Ferron – Managing Partner Group ALTIOS International USA

Acknowledgements & Conclusions:

  • Scott Pozil – Commercial Affairs Advisor to the U.S. Embassy in France for Western and Southern Europe
  • Patrick Ferron – Managing Partner Group ALTIOS International USA

▶️ Watch testimonials from French companies that have successfully established and expanded in the U.S. market: 

To learn more about the SelectUSA Virtual Summit dedicated to promoting foreign direct investment in the United States June 7-11, 2021:

Do you have a project? Contact our teams!

ALTIOS Group announces the expansion of its activities in Spain with the acquisition of a new firm in Madrid. ALTIOS is a leading international business development consulting firm dedicated to small and mid-caps and pursues its expansion all over the world.

April 2021

ALTIOS Group set up an office in Madrid 5 years ago and has witnessed Spain’s potential for external growth. The new acquisition will reinforce ALTIOS Group activities in the country.

Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the Spanish economy has shown significant improvement since the beginning of the year, with steady growth forecast for the next 3 years. The provisions set up by the country have led the IMF and the World Bank to estimate an increase in growth of 5.7% for 2021. This increase positions Spain for the second strongest growth among European countries in the year.

Spain is naturally one of the top destinations for European companies. It is the 13th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP, and has strong connections and specific trade agreements with Latin Americas countries.

Given the importance of Spain for foreign companies and its potentials, ALTIOS decided to acquire the consulting company NAEVA BUSINESS to reinforce its position in Spain with:

  • The integration of a company specialized in market development in Spain for foreign companies: business development, domiciliation, recruitment, payroll services, management of subsidiaries, external growth
  • About thirty active customers from all sectors of activity: aerospace, automotive, railways, food processing, medical, e-commerce, consumption goods
  • Foreign investors from all countries: France, Germany, Canada, USA, China, South Korea

The combination of expertise areas and means of intervention promises ALTIOS’ current and future clients a seamless support capacity and market knowledge.

« The acquisition of this company allows us to respond to the growth ambitions of our clients. It is also an excellent market for South American companies. Spain is naturally benefiting from this refocusing with a significant number of structuring projects over the last 6 months.

Having a larger local team seems to us to be essential to provide clients with the diligent support they need in their internationalization. This is the reason that we have chosen to rely on an integrated network since our foundation. It’s a long and ambitious strategy for a company, but it guarantees that we will have access to cutting-edge expertise, a solid network of contacts and tailor-made services to accelerate the internationalization of our clients, with the same quality regardless of the geographic zone targeted,” says Patrick Ferron, Co-founder of ALTIOS Group and Managing Partner in charge of Spain.

“Spain is a key economic destination for ALTIOS clients. With a GDP growth of 5.7% for 2021, and a similar rate for 2022, Spain will emerge from the pandemic as one of the most dynamic economies in Europe. Our desire to join the ALTIOS Group is a key element in accelerating growth to strengthen us in the country with a company with a strong international base. In this way, we are expanding our resources to offer increasingly tailored solutions to our customers wishing to establish themselves in Spain. We have noticed that, with the crisis we are going through, many European clients wanted to strengthen their position in markets that are closer to them and easier to access and manage. This acquisition is a direct response to the new needs we have identified,” concludes Manuel Moreno, Altios’ new Managing Partner for Spain.