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January 31th, 2021

A “Comprehensive Agreement -in principle- on Investment” (CAI) has been reached between China & EU countries after 35 rounds of negotiations. It will replace the 25 bilateral investment treaties that China signed individually with EU countries.

For 20 years, cumulative FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) flows from the EU to China stayed higher compared to Chinese investments in Europe : +140 billion EUR Europe to China versus 120 billion EUR Chinese FDI to the EU (European commission data).

About half of EU FDI in China is in the manufacturing sector, with the German automotive industry as the main investor. Chinese FDI to Europe are primarily directed to strategic areas such as infrastructure and high technology.


What is the opportunity for EU?

The agreement establishes the obligation for Chinese stated-own enterprises to provide more business information and transparency on subsidies in the services sectors.

The CAI forbids requirements to transfer technology to a joint venture partner.


What is the opportunity for China?


Other outstanding topics regarding this agreement?

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