ALTIOS supports HASLER China in recruitment services throughout their long-term relationship

HASLER Group and ALTIOS have been working together for several years and ALTIOS has provided us with various services including recruitment, payroll hosting in several countries. For the Chinese market particularly, we have a recent yet sustainable relationship with a keen understanding of the needs and we appreciate the approach ALTIOS has on the Chinese market.

Romuald Collaudin
General Manager, HASLER Shanghai
  • China is a prior market for HASLER Group, which has long been focused on building long-term relationships with the right customers and partners to build sustainable growth, and is now focusing on accelerating its development in the coming years.
  • To meet its objectives, HASLER Group is prioritizing the recruitment and retention of top talents that will help the company in developing its business activities and opening new sales channels in mainland China. HASLER Group is interested in acquiring profiles that already have a strong experience in respective industries and that can autonomously activate their existing networks as soon as they join the company to create short-term and long-term wins.
  • HASLER Group and ALTIOS have been working together for several years and ALTIOS provided HASLER Group with various services including recruitment in several countries. On the Chinese market particularly, HASLER Group & ALTIOS local teams have a sustainable relationship. ALTIOS has a keen understanding of HASLER’s needs and HASLER Group appreciates their approach to the Chinese complex market.

  • With both expertise in recruitment & business development, and dedicated recruiter based in Shanghai, ALTIOS has made it very efficient to identify, approach, and select profiles that match HASLER Group current and future needs.
  • ALTIOS & HASLER Group worked together to define a mission and its associated “job description” that answered HASLER’s business needs but also attracted the right talents interested in joining a fast-growing company in China.
  • Through careful approach and follow-up, ALTIOS has been capable of securing two business developers that are currently helping HASLER Group in growing its revenue in China.

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Zoe Zhu, VP – ALTIOS China, recently talked to Romuald
Collaudin, the General Manager of HASLER Shanghai, about the success story of HASLER Group.

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Company Profile

Headquarters: Nanterre, France

Turnover:32 M

Sector: Industrial machinery/equipment manufacturer

Expertise: Dosing, mixing, filtering and kneading equipment for industries using continuous production processes: cement, fertilisers, mining and metals, fine and speciality chemicals, etc.

2 production sites: Mêle-sur-Sarthe (France), Shanghai (China)

Hasler’s brands:
Dosing: HASLER®
Agitation: LUMPP®
Filtration: AOUSTIN® Table Filter, Filtres PHILIPPE®, Filtres VERNAY®
Kneading: AOUSTIN® Continuous kneader, Malaxeurs GUITTARD®, NOVAMIX®

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