The Automotive Sector in Spain

Key Factors

We have broken down the essential information to help you understand the impact of automotive on the Spanish economy.

  • In the last 5 years, Spain was the 2nd most preferred European destination for multinationals for new automotive projects.
  • Spain is the 2nd largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe and ranked 9th worldwide in 2021.
  • The automotive sector provides nearly 2 million jobs throughout the country, being an important generator of employment in many regions, beyond the big cities.
  • The turnover of the automotive industry represents 10% of the Spanish GDP.
  • The automotive industry is responsible for 18% of Spain’s total exports.
  • Spain’s most popular export destinations for this sectors are the UE, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and the U.S.

The Automotive Sector in Spain: Geographic Location

The success of Spain’s automotive industry export is also due to its geographical distribution on the country:

  • Spain hosts 17 car production plants, 15 technology centres, and 10 automotive clusters.
  • The automotive sector is well developped in Spain’s main cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Balencia, Zaragorza, Sevilla, Pamplona, Avila, Valladolid, Palencia, Vigo, Santander, Vitoria.

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spain infographic automotive sector

Here you can find an infographic on the automotive sector in Spain. Read the article below to have a larger overview of this Spanish industry.

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