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Altios supports AVL Wines with their activities in China and Singapore by hosting and supporting their local staff

The service and support that ALTIOS offers allow small and midsize companies to create a presence anywhere in the world without the risk. They are your eyes and ears in any market.

Nicolas Heretiguian
General Manager Asia, Australian Vintage Limited
  • Australian Vintage Limited (AVL) is one of the largest wine producers in Australia and has been highly successful in the Australian and the UK market since 1992. Crushing up to 8% of Australia’s grape supply, AVL is the owner of the third largest winery in Australia where 100% of its energy is sourced from solar and wind power. In 2010 the company started to remotely sell its products to the Chinese market after receiving requests for its wines.
  • Four years later AVL decided to set up an office in Hong Kong to be able to improve the structure of its distribution and sales set up in China and other Southeast Asian countries, and to establish its portfolio of brands in the region.
  • China was becoming a big market for us fast, but our distribution was messy”, explains Nicolas Heretiguian, General Manager Asia for AVL. “We were working with 31 distributors in 31 provinces that were all selling our wines for different prices and with different branding. The volume of our sales were going up, but we needed to structure the approach better. The only way to do that was to be present in the local market.”
  • AVL didn’t want to make a big investment by setting up an office or full sales team, but was looking for an easy way to establish a light presence in China. That’s when AVL contacted ALTIOS with the request to host and support their representative in Shanghai.
  • AVL’s employee in Shanghai was put on ALTIOS China’s payroll, which relieves AVL of a lot of administrative work and liability. Besides this, ALTIOS hosts their representative in our office in Shanghai, which means AVL didn’t have to set up a physical location themselves and commitment to a long term lease.
  • China is a really challenging and fast changing market, you need to be agile to survive here as an international company”, says Nicolas Heretiguian. “ALTIOS not only hosts our representative in China, but is always there to support us with anything we need. They have expertise on all fronts, from changing government policies we have to implement today-to-day services like getting business visas for our Australian team. Having a partner, like ALTIOS, that helps you to stay on your toes is key here.”
  • While working together to grow AVL’s presence in China, the Australian winemaker is expanding fast in Southeast Asia as well. “We came to the conclusion we needed some extra hands and the first thing that came to mind was to extend our current partnership with ALTIOS by setting up a similar structure in Singapore”, Nicolas Heretiguian says. “It was as easy as setting up in China, which shows that ALTIOS has the local expertise to get you up and running fast anywhere in the world.”
  • ALTIOS and AVL have been in a successful partnership for 4,5 years now. Unfortunately, AVL had to skill down their operation in China due to the new import restrictions the Chinese government introduced at the beginning of 2022 on products like wine, chocolate and coffee.
  • We are happy to continue working together from Singapore”, says Nicolas Heretiguian. “ALTIOS brings the best of two worlds together. They are an international company that understands your position as an international newcomer in a foreign market, but they have the knowledge, expertise and language skills of a local consultant. ALTIOS is the solution for small and midsize companies that want to get started anywhere in the world.”

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Company Profile

Founded in 1991

Headquarters: Cowandilla, South Australia

430 employees

Target country: China / Singapore

format vertical site internet AVL Wines

/ French Nouvelle Aquitaine Region

Nouvelle Aquitaine Region in France Partners with Altios to Help Launch Startups
in the U.S.

Boston is an excellent location for tech companies entering the U.S. market for the first time due to a qualified pool of talent, investment funds, and network of incubators and accelerators.

Patrick Ferron
Associate Director Altios


  • For many of its local startups and businesses, access to the American market is a challenge due to cultural differences, varying ecosystems, understanding of legal and regulatory requirements, and networking.
  • The regional government sought an external consultancy firm with experience and knowledge in the market.


  • The Nouvelle Aquitaine selected Altios due to its strong global presence, its experience in helping companies set themselves up in new markets, and its knowledge and network in the U.S.
  • For building a further bridge to the American market, Altios organised and accompanied regional startups to the U.S., with Boston as a first destination.
  • The delegation from the Nouvelle Aquitaine included representatives from four startups, French Tech Bordeaux, the International Chamber of Commerce, and government groups.
  • The trip, labelled the Boston Learning Expedition, provided an overview of the Boston ecosystem and highlighted the opportunities for tech companies in the area.
  • The selected startups – A3i, ThinkDeep AI, Ullo and Flovea – along with the regional delegation met with Boston AI and biotech firms, as well as economic development agencies, incubators and MIT.


  • Several meetings were organised with key actors in the Boston tech ecosystem,
  • Startups and regional delegates of the Nouvelle Aquitaine gained valuable insights on critical differences between the two markets.
  • They opened doors to contacts within the city and the surrounding areas.
  • Participants attained a greater awareness of the tech ecosystem and gained insights on funding and fiscal incentives available.
  • They understood that bringing together the right players -businesses, institutions, cities- is instrumental for expansion.

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Company Profile

Nouvelle Aquitaine French region (central city Bordeaux) is the 3rd fastest-growing regional economy in the country

The innovative program Booster, focused on local startups, was created in 2018 to help accelerate international development in the U.S., Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

Annual GRP: €158 billion

Over 100 projects supported each year

Industry: wines, aeronautics and tourism industries

Target country: U.S.A.