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Rubicon Water Leverages Altios’ Deep Market Knowledge to Expand in India and China

I believe it has been, for both my team and our board, extremely helpful to be assisted in making the right choices and taking the appropriate decisions.

Bruce Rodgerson
CEO, Rubicon Water
  • With a focus on innovative solutions, Rubicon Water’s R&D centre holds several patents in conjunction with the University of Melbourne. The company can test its meters and gates to international standards.
  • With installations spanning ten countries and offices in seven markets means the company needs to acquire and maintain the best talent covering a full range of specialists.
  • These include highly-skilled engineers, systems analysts, database experts, and software programmers.
  • Expanding in China and India meant the company needed to understand the dynamics of these two markets fully and how to expand its offerings in each successfully.
  • Altios’ consultants in China and India – working in conjunction with the team in Australia – provided Rubicon Water headquarters a report on expansion in the two markets.
  • A go-to-market strategy meant Rubicon Water would need local teams that would work with its in-country partners.
  • Working with Altios, Rubicon Water gained valuable market knowledge before expanding their operations in India and China.

  • By leveraging Altios’ on-the-ground experience and outside perspective, Rubicon Water proceeded with a well-thought-out market expansion plan.

  • The presence of local Altios staff means the company is well-positioned to grow its operations in the market.

Learn more about Rubicon Water:

Company Profile

Founded in 1995 in Melbourne

Offices in 7 markets

Industry: customised solutions for large-scale, gravity-fed irrigation networks around the world

Target country: China, India

Rubicon Vertical