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/ French Nouvelle Aquitaine Region

Nouvelle Aquitaine Region in France Partners with Altios to Help Launch Startups
in the U.S.

Boston is an excellent location for tech companies entering the U.S. market for the first time due to a qualified pool of talent, investment funds, and network of incubators and accelerators.

Patrick Ferron
Associate Director Altios


  • For many of its local startups and businesses, access to the American market is a challenge due to cultural differences, varying ecosystems, understanding of legal and regulatory requirements, and networking.
  • The regional government sought an external consultancy firm with experience and knowledge in the market.


  • The Nouvelle Aquitaine selected Altios due to its strong global presence, its experience in helping companies set themselves up in new markets, and its knowledge and network in the U.S.
  • For building a further bridge to the American market, Altios organised and accompanied regional startups to the U.S., with Boston as a first destination.
  • The delegation from the Nouvelle Aquitaine included representatives from four startups, French Tech Bordeaux, the International Chamber of Commerce, and government groups.
  • The trip, labelled the Boston Learning Expedition, provided an overview of the Boston ecosystem and highlighted the opportunities for tech companies in the area.
  • The selected startups – A3i, ThinkDeep AI, Ullo and Flovea – along with the regional delegation met with Boston AI and biotech firms, as well as economic development agencies, incubators and MIT.


  • Several meetings were organised with key actors in the Boston tech ecosystem,
  • Startups and regional delegates of the Nouvelle Aquitaine gained valuable insights on critical differences between the two markets.
  • They opened doors to contacts within the city and the surrounding areas.
  • Participants attained a greater awareness of the tech ecosystem and gained insights on funding and fiscal incentives available.
  • They understood that bringing together the right players -businesses, institutions, cities- is instrumental for expansion.

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Company Profile

Nouvelle Aquitaine French region (central city Bordeaux) is the 3rd fastest-growing regional economy in the country

The innovative program Booster, focused on local startups, was created in 2018 to help accelerate international development in the U.S., Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

Annual GRP: €158 billion

Over 100 projects supported each year

Industry: wines, aeronautics and tourism industries

Target country: U.S.A.