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Crédit Agricole Partners with Altios To Provide International Offer to Clients

We want to have a long-term relationship with our customers and to support their goals.

Frantz Puccetti
Head of Mid Corporate Projects of Crédit Agricole Italia


  • In 2007, Crédit Agricole partnered with Altios to provide a range of solutions to facilitate and accelerate expansion in worldwide markets, from strategy development and implementation to prospection and talent acquisition.
  • Heightened global competition has changed the landscape of the Italian economy.
  • In recent years, mid-sized companies are seen as an important driver of market growth in Italy. “We’ve seen a growing interest from Italian mid-sized businesses wanting to expand internationally,” Mirko Mottino, Managing Director of Altios Italy.
  • For Crédit Agricole Italia, serving its client base means being their partner in the growth of their business, both locally and internationally. “Many of our clients have limited resources. A partner who can help them learn and navigate international expansion is essential,” said Puccetti.


  • A growing number of businesses wants assistance in international development. Credit Agricole Italia and Altios partnered to provide one-day events focused on global expansion.
  • The “8-Hours Around The World: Ideas and Solutions for Internationalisation” event allows local business leaders to meet with Altios country directors and Crédit Agricole specialists.


  • At the event in Rimini, Italy, in 2019, more than 100 meetings took place with partner representatives from 14 countries. Attendees connected with consultants from Altios and Credit Agricole to discuss international expansion.
  • The partnership between Crédit Agricole and Altios provides mutual support to clients in their international expansion, across geographies and areas of service support. Their shared global expertise and goal-driven approach reflect in each client project.
  • “Altios is a good partner for Crédit Agricole because they are in the most relevant markets. Together, we can be a one-stop-shop for our customers,” said Puccetti. “Crédit Agricole and Altios aim to be more than just service providers—we aim to be valued partners to our clients.”

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Company Profile

Crédit Agricole Group, based in Paris, France

10th-largest bank in the world, with 52 million customers and 11,000 branch offices in 50 countries.

Industry: Finance

Part of the bank’s services is dedicated to supporting the international development of local businesses

Target country: Italy