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Serge Ferrari Leverages Altios’ Talent Acquisition Expertise for International Expansion

Altios employees are an added value for us. As we collaborate, they know our values and our company culture. They know how to become ambassadors of the SergeFerrari brand throughout the world, and this saves time and gives us a sense of security.

Hervé Garcia
Director of Human Resources, Serge Ferrari Group
  • From its beginnings, international markets have been a key element of growth for the SergeFerrari Group. The company’s innovative composite materials are used by architects, designers, and research agencies worldwide.
  • For more than 16 years, the company has relied on Altios for its international development.
  • To further expand its international business, the company foresaw the high-growth markets of India and Australia as new opportunities for its unique composite materials.
  • In 2015, the company decided to accelerate its international activities and increase its export sales. With revenue at €148 million in 2015, the Group wanted to increase revenue by 25 per cent by 2018.
  • The growth strategy meant doubling the number of international sales representatives from 80 to 160.

  • In conjunction with talent acquisition, the SergeFerrari Group began working on a project to increase its production capabilities with the construction of added manufacturing systems and further development of the company’s innovation centre.

  • To meet its objectives, the SergeFerrari Group leveraged Altois’ expertise in worldwide talent acquisition, in addition to its administrative support and legal knowledge in diverse markets.

  • In 2018, the SergeFerrari Group reached €185 million in revenue, a 25 % increase over its reported 2014 income.

  • Going forward, the Group foresees a continued partnership with Altios as it looks at new global market opportunities for its innovative materials.

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Company Profile

Founded in 1973

Annual Sales: €185 million

International Sales: 75%

3 production sites in 80 countries

Network of 100 independent distributors worldwide.

Industry: Flexible composite-material technology

Target countries: India and Australia