Digital financial service giant Finantix relies on ALTIOS International to keep their day-to-day operations and more running smoothly

Finantix ( specializes in providing banking, wealth-management and insurance companies with innovative ways to digitize their offering. Finantix’s ready-to-use solutions integrate with these companies’ current systems, providing them with enhanced digital solutions to serve, advise and sell services to their clients.

The company currently operates nine offices worldwide, employing some 120 personnel and extending the group’s offering with a network of partners and consultants, including ALTIOS  International.

A global company that stays a step ahead by anticipating where growth will happen

Although Finantix’s parent company is located in Luxembourg, the group operates as a global entity—setting up in markets that are ripe for financial innovation and growth.

“We go where the financial industry is growing,” says Guido Masieri, Finantix COO. “We look for new ways of implementing business strategies so we can set up locally. As a software company, we must always be at the edge of new opportunities, new technology and new ways of providing business solutions to clients.”

For Finantix, this often means relying on local partners to help run and provide administration services for the global office. “We don’t want to establish a local set up and duplicate our internal organization,” says Guido Masieri. “Instead we need external partners like ALTIOS International .”

A partnership based on mutual trust and collaboration

For almost 12 years, Finantix and ALTIOS International have been working in partnership in Singapore, where ALTIOS International provides local expertise to help keep the Finantix office running smoothly and in compliance with local laws.

“Collaboration with ALTIOS International is continuously evolving,” says Guido Masieri. “We’re in touch on a weekly basis. We rely on ALTIOS International for such tasks as processing pay slips, sending monthly reports, tax management, providing administrative services, and much more.”

What’s more, ALTIOS International  provides Finantix with a quick, efficient and reliable way to address any issues and take action. “We have a clear collaboration based on transparency,” says Guido Masieri. “That’s what makes all the difference when it comes to addressing potential roadblocks, issues, and even opportunities.”

Stéphane Benoist, Managing Director of ALTIOS  Singapore, is Finantix’s main point of contact and a key collaborator in the company’s local success. “We have ongoing discussions on how ALTIOS International  can be proactive and anticipate what we need,” says Guido Masieri. “The more collaboration, the better it is for us as a business.

“ALTIOS International helps us do what we do even better.” 

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