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ALTIOS helps SPS expand their reach into the Asian market

When you’re alone and far away you really need local support and good advice, especially with contracting and navigating complex visa issues. I’m very glad to have the support of ALTIOS.

Stéphane Livet
VP Sales Asia, SPS IN Group
  • A small company based in the south of France, SPS was ready to expand sales of their contactless payment technology into Asia by opening an office in Singapore.
  • With no knowledge of the Asian market or local presence, they needed help in the administrative tasks of setting up an entity, as well as recruitment of a new team.
  • ALTIOS supported SPS in the administration, contracting and bureaucratic liaison necessary to set up an entity in Singapore.
  • ALTIOS continues to manage the bookkeeping, payroll and administrative tasks of the Singapore entity, which has now grown to include the Asian operations of IN Groupe, the company that acquired SPS in 2018.
  • With the entity established in Singapore in 2014, SPS has continued to grow in the APAC region, with local sales representatives now in place in Indonesia and Hong Kong. ALTIOS’ Asia footprint, with offices in Hong Kong, India and Singapore, has been instrumental in helping SPS navigate recruitment – especially dealing with complex visa issues.

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Company Profile

Headquarters: Rousset, France

Turnover: € 112 M (2021)

Sector: Manufacturing of computer, electronic and optical products

Expertise: Design, manufacture and marketing of electronic modules on flexible supports, smart cards, multi-component contact and contactless cards, and hardwares for electronics.



ALTIOS supports HASLER China in recruitment services throughout their long-term relationship

HASLER Group and ALTIOS have been working together for several years and ALTIOS has provided us with various services including recruitment, payroll hosting in several countries. For the Chinese market particularly, we have a recent yet sustainable relationship with a keen understanding of the needs and we appreciate the approach ALTIOS has on the Chinese market.

Romuald Collaudin
General Manager, HASLER Shanghai
  • China is a prior market for HASLER Group, which has long been focused on building long-term relationships with the right customers and partners to build sustainable growth, and is now focusing on accelerating its development in the coming years.
  • To meet its objectives, HASLER Group is prioritizing the recruitment and retention of top talents that will help the company in developing its business activities and opening new sales channels in mainland China. HASLER Group is interested in acquiring profiles that already have a strong experience in respective industries and that can autonomously activate their existing networks as soon as they join the company to create short-term and long-term wins.
  • HASLER Group and ALTIOS have been working together for several years and ALTIOS provided HASLER Group with various services including recruitment in several countries. On the Chinese market particularly, HASLER Group & ALTIOS local teams have a sustainable relationship. ALTIOS has a keen understanding of HASLER’s needs and HASLER Group appreciates their approach to the Chinese complex market.

  • With both expertise in recruitment & business development, and dedicated recruiter based in Shanghai, ALTIOS has made it very efficient to identify, approach, and select profiles that match HASLER Group current and future needs.
  • ALTIOS & HASLER Group worked together to define a mission and its associated “job description” that answered HASLER’s business needs but also attracted the right talents interested in joining a fast-growing company in China.
  • Through careful approach and follow-up, ALTIOS has been capable of securing two business developers that are currently helping HASLER Group in growing its revenue in China.

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Zoe Zhu, VP – ALTIOS China, recently talked to Romuald
Collaudin, the General Manager of HASLER Shanghai, about the success story of HASLER Group.

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Company Profile

Headquarters: Nanterre, France

Turnover:32 M

Sector: Industrial machinery/equipment manufacturer

Expertise: Dosing, mixing, filtering and kneading equipment for industries using continuous production processes: cement, fertilisers, mining and metals, fine and speciality chemicals, etc.

2 production sites: Mêle-sur-Sarthe (France), Shanghai (China)

Hasler’s brands:
Dosing: HASLER®
Agitation: LUMPP®
Filtration: AOUSTIN® Table Filter, Filtres PHILIPPE®, Filtres VERNAY®
Kneading: AOUSTIN® Continuous kneader, Malaxeurs GUITTARD®, NOVAMIX®

success story hasler altios

MG Tech

ALTIOS supports MG Tech in opening its North American subsidiary.

ALTIOS helped us gain perspective on several issues. Its teams highlighted important points that we had not fully understood, such as the positioning of our employee in Canada.

In addition to a certain number of operational services to be provided, his mission includes representational functions.

He represents MG Tech in North America with the aim of developing the subsidiary.

Xavier Lucas
MG Tech's Managing Director


  • MG Tech, a company which already has ten or so clients in North America, such as Savencia, Nemera Group and Lanthier Bakery (La Fournée Dorée), has decided to set up locally to offer a local service to its major French clients, but also to tackle the local market.


  • Validation of Canada and North America as potential markets for the company.
  • Challenging the creation of the subsidiary in its various aspects, including marketing and communication with a recommendation for the evolution of the graphic charter.
  • The installation of an employee in Canada, through HR support for mobility, in order to secure the international project and the arrival of the employee on site. This support focused on positioning the employee on his new mission (projection into the job, skills development, setting up a roadmap in line with the objectives set, remote management of the employee, etc.).


  • Another interesting thing we’ve learned from ALTIOS,” says Xavier Lucas, “is that you have to put the subsidiary at the centre of the company’s organisation.

  • Setting up a Canadian steering committee involving our Canadian employee, the general and financial management, and also the company’s product developers, in order to provide feedback on the Canadian market and to gain real insight into it.

  • Future adaptibility of our products to the North American market.

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Company Profile

Founded in 2004 by Éric Gautier

Headquarters: Les Achards (France)

4 production sites in La Chapelle-Achard, Champtocé-sur-Loire, Val-d’Izé, Bérus (France)

1 subsidiary in Canada

211 employees

Turnover: 32 millions €, of which 10% from export.

4 800 worlwide sold machines

Expertise: industrial robotics for end-of-line packaging equipment.

Target country: North America


Emblem Cranberry: its successful expansion in a very competitive market, the United States.

ALTIOS helps a company from Quebec to develop its international presence.

It is always helpful to have a local partner with contacts in your industry, especially when they have access to key players.

Jessica Parent
Business Development Director


  • Before the mission with ALTIOS, the United States represented a very strategic market for Emblem Cranberry which knew that it had not reached its maximum potential in this zone, both in terms of volume and diversification. In addition, the company had recently added frozen wild blueberries to its portfolio and wanted to analyze the potential of this new product. The competition for cranberry products was tough in this market due to the presence of large domestic players.
  • In addition to this obstacle, Emblem Cranberry did not have all the necessary information regarding the key players to expand in this market.


  • Thanks to the Agri-Food Export Group’s ZENiTH program, Emblem Cranberry benefited from an evolving field approach to avoid mistakes and reduce risks and expenses, thus ensuring a better return on investment.
  • For this company based in Sainte-Eulalie, Quebec, ALTIOS first conducted a specific market study to evaluate the potential of the company’s products in the U.S. market and to precisely identify opportunities and threats, market access conditions, and the state of competition.
  • ALTIOS then presented Emblem Cranberry with a market development strategy, through the validation of the product offer in the field, the modeling of the “country price” and the production of an operational implementation plan and an enriched commercial development strategy.
  • Finally, key players were identified and meetings were initiated with them.


Following the ZENiTH Program and the support of ALTIOS, Emblem Cranberry has signed contracts with 2 major players in the American market, which are in line with their brand image and are key players well established in the American market.

Two key tips

  • Gather information: it is essential to gather as much information as possible beforehand in order to be able to approach a new market with confidence. Whether it’s about certifications, export regulations, or the players and competition, Jessica Parent advises future exporters to be well prepared.
  • Surround yourself well: find the right partners who will help your company grow.

Discover Emblem Cranberry

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Company Profile

Founded in 2016

Packaging, Freezing, Sorting, and Calibrating Berries.

95% of exported production.

Mission: develop sales on the American market by defining needs, identifying opportunities and thus confirming and increasing the presence of Emblem Cranberry.

Target: U.S.



ALTIOS supports ATEME in its foreign establishments

Altios’ support makes our job easier and saves us a lot of time when we set up in a country. Altios is able to provide us with all the information we need to calculate the costs of setting up in a country and to decide whether or not we should go there. It is always possible to look for this information yourself, but it is very time-consuming.

Anna Balmaseda
Human Resources Business Partner


  • Ateme continues to expand its international network and is therefore regularly confronted with the issues that accompany the creation and management of subsidiaries abroad.


  • Provide information to calculate the costs generated by the implementation in a given country.
  • Administrative and salary management of employees or structures abroad.
  • Single point of contact between the head office and the local teams.


  • Entering into a relationship with Altios when it established its subsidiary in Australia in 2019, ATEME continued this collaboration in 2021 with the opening of representative offices in Poland and Italy.

Want to know more about ATEME’s experience?

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Company Profile

Founded in 1991

Headquarters: France

Employees: 500

Turnover in 2021: 81,1 million d’€, 93% of which is international

Clients: more than 1 000 worldwide

Listed on the Euronext Paris market since 2014

format vertical site internet ATEME


Altios identified the key partners in their target markets

ALTIOS provided us with great insights in the opportunities in the different European markets for our products and connected us with key partners. We now have a great base from which we can launch our European endeavours going forward.

Terry Carter
General Manager of New Zealand Tube Mills


  • New Zealand Tube Mills is the leading manufacturer and distributor of precision carbon tubes and an extensive range of stainless architectural food and beverage tubes for New Zealand, Australia & the Pacific Islands. “The company was actually founded in the 1950’s as an exhaust maker for the emerging automotive industry of New Zealand”, explains Terry Carter, General Manager of New Zealand Tube Mills. But, in the late 1990’s the majority of the car manufacturers decided to withdraw from the market, due to the reduction and removal of tariffs on imported cars. “So, our business reinvented itself successfully into a horticultural trellis maker”, Carter says. “We now manufacture the Eco Trellis ® vineyard post system and all types of tubular trellis, mostly for grape, apple and berry growers.”

  • Tube Mills’ main market has always been Australasia, but because of the seasonal character of the Horticultural sector, the company started looking for opportunities abroad during the low sales months. “We are very busy from April until September in the Southern Hemisphere, so we wanted to fill the rest of the year with activities in the Northern hemisphere”, says Carter. “We have secured ongoing business in the U.S., dealing with 3 of the top 5 wine brands in California, but we did not have the time and resources yet to get our sales in Europe off the ground, which was a natural next step for us after getting a foothold in the U.S..

  • Carter says that New Zealand Tube Mills was considering a step to the European market, when ALTIOS made a cold call visit to their offices. “The visits came at exactly the right moment and gave us great insights into the opportunities new markets, like Europe, could offer us and to learn about new ways to approach these markets. The relationship started from there.”


  • Even though Europe was a priority market for Tube Mills, the complexity of the market and the lack of in-country presence made it very difficult to enter the European market successfully on their own.
  • “With ALTIOS’ help we formulated a plan to investigate the European market by country, specifically focusing on Germany, France, Spain, the U.K. and Italy. We looked at validating the potential of our products in these markets and to get a better understanding of the export regulations we would have to fulfil and what the duties would be”, says Carter.
  • Besides this, ALTIOS allocated a part-time European representative for Tube Mills that identified the key partners in their target markets, that could operate as a distributor in one or multiple countries, and set up the first meetings and negotiations with these partners.


  • “ALTIOS EU provided Tube Mills with a very good base from which we can launch our European endeavours going forward”, says Carter. “They were able to identify key ‘players’ in our selected countries, make the initial contact and set up Zoom meetings for us. This has allowed us to favourably consider the next step – which will be in person visits to the EU hopefully this year.”
  • The next step for Tube Mills in Europe would be to cement the efforts by ALTIOS, establish relationships and expand the business to the target markets. “We expect that Altios will be ‘by our side’ for this next stage too”, says Carter.

Discover more about Tube Mills on:


New Zealand Tube Mills (Eco Trellis) was on National News as they helped unloading the aid for Tonga and donated some forklifts to help Tongan in need.

This company has been very invested in this mission.

Find the article here.

Company Profile

Founded in 1938

Headquarters: Wellington, New Zealand

55 employees + 4 representatives in Australia and 1 in the U.S

Target market: Europe

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Altios supports AVL Wines with their activities in China and Singapore by hosting and supporting their local staff

The service and support that ALTIOS offers allow small and midsize companies to create a presence anywhere in the world without the risk. They are your eyes and ears in any market.

Nicolas Heretiguian
General Manager Asia, Australian Vintage Limited
  • Australian Vintage Limited (AVL) is one of the largest wine producers in Australia and has been highly successful in the Australian and the UK market since 1992. Crushing up to 8% of Australia’s grape supply, AVL is the owner of the third largest winery in Australia where 100% of its energy is sourced from solar and wind power. In 2010 the company started to remotely sell its products to the Chinese market after receiving requests for its wines.
  • Four years later AVL decided to set up an office in Hong Kong to be able to improve the structure of its distribution and sales set up in China and other Southeast Asian countries, and to establish its portfolio of brands in the region.
  • China was becoming a big market for us fast, but our distribution was messy”, explains Nicolas Heretiguian, General Manager Asia for AVL. “We were working with 31 distributors in 31 provinces that were all selling our wines for different prices and with different branding. The volume of our sales were going up, but we needed to structure the approach better. The only way to do that was to be present in the local market.”
  • AVL didn’t want to make a big investment by setting up an office or full sales team, but was looking for an easy way to establish a light presence in China. That’s when AVL contacted ALTIOS with the request to host and support their representative in Shanghai.
  • AVL’s employee in Shanghai was put on ALTIOS China’s payroll, which relieves AVL of a lot of administrative work and liability. Besides this, ALTIOS hosts their representative in our office in Shanghai, which means AVL didn’t have to set up a physical location themselves and commitment to a long term lease.
  • China is a really challenging and fast changing market, you need to be agile to survive here as an international company”, says Nicolas Heretiguian. “ALTIOS not only hosts our representative in China, but is always there to support us with anything we need. They have expertise on all fronts, from changing government policies we have to implement today-to-day services like getting business visas for our Australian team. Having a partner, like ALTIOS, that helps you to stay on your toes is key here.”
  • While working together to grow AVL’s presence in China, the Australian winemaker is expanding fast in Southeast Asia as well. “We came to the conclusion we needed some extra hands and the first thing that came to mind was to extend our current partnership with ALTIOS by setting up a similar structure in Singapore”, Nicolas Heretiguian says. “It was as easy as setting up in China, which shows that ALTIOS has the local expertise to get you up and running fast anywhere in the world.”
  • ALTIOS and AVL have been in a successful partnership for 4,5 years now. Unfortunately, AVL had to skill down their operation in China due to the new import restrictions the Chinese government introduced at the beginning of 2022 on products like wine, chocolate and coffee.
  • We are happy to continue working together from Singapore”, says Nicolas Heretiguian. “ALTIOS brings the best of two worlds together. They are an international company that understands your position as an international newcomer in a foreign market, but they have the knowledge, expertise and language skills of a local consultant. ALTIOS is the solution for small and midsize companies that want to get started anywhere in the world.”

Discover more about AVL Wines on:

Company Profile

Founded in 1991

Headquarters: Cowandilla, South Australia

430 employees

Target country: China / Singapore

format vertical site internet AVL Wines


Ferro Duo shares its story on how they plan to introduce a new product line in a different sector

The support M+V Altios gave us was exactly what any new business in a new market needs

Alexander Kehrmann
  • Even if Ferro Duo is an established, international name, the company faced a challenge when it added a new product to their range in a sector FerroDuo had little experience with: fertilizers.
  • An Altios M+V dedicated team mapped out the opportunities for their products in the fertilizers market of four countries (Germany, Italy, France and Spain) and identified leads and opportunities by cold calling.
  • Leads were identified in every markets. In Italy, some leads have already been turned into business opportunities.

You would like to know more about FerroDuo’s story and its last challenge?

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Company Profile

Founded in 2002

Headquarters: Germany

Expertise: recycling products from various industries to recreate new ones

Target countries: Italy, Germany, Spain and France

format vertical site internet success story Ferro duo


INNOV’IA shares its five key learnings for midsize companies to expand internationally

Working with Altios has helped us structure our international expansion journey so we will take the right step at the right time and be successful in reaching our goals.

Maria Wiltz
Global Sales & Marketing Director for Innov’ia and its subsidiaries
  • As INNOV’IA and its subsidiaries started exploring an international expansion, they needed to determine the different key steps they have to undertake in order to structure their internationalization path.
  • An internal audit of all companies of Innov’ia was carried out to help the business prepare and optimize itself before consolidating international actions.
  • Market research was an essential first step in defining which markets could be interesting for the company to expand to.
  • ALTIOS Strategy has set up a collaborative approach with Innov’ia in order to structure their internationalization and to embark the company and its team towards a customer-centric strategy with a differentiating value proposition.
  • Through their experience, they can share 5 key learnings: do your research, set realistic goals, let your customers guide you in choosing your location, get your whole team on board, don’t be too cautious, get help from local experts.

  • ALTIOS could secure and enhance their international expansion project thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the markets.

You would like to know more about Innov’ia’s story and its 5 key learnings?

Discover more about INNOV’IA on:

Company Profile

Founded in 1990

Headquarters: La Rochelle, France

7 manufacturing locations and 1 R&I Centre

350 employees

Turnover: €40 million

Expertise: Ingredient formulation and industrialization in agrifood, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals

Investment in industrial and international expansion: €70 million in 10 years

Target countries: Europe

Innovia Vertical

/ Finantix

Altios Helps Finantix Open Subsidiary in Singapore

Collaboration with Altios is based on transparency and is continuously evolving. Thatʼs what makes all the difference when it comes to addressing potential roadblocks, issues, and even opportunities. Altios helps us do what we do even better.

Guido Masieri
Chief Operating Officer, Finantix


  • Global expansion is a key component of Finantix’s growth in the financial sector. To better serve their clients, the firm decided to establish a local presence in high-growth markets open to innovative digital solutions. “We go where the financial industry is growing,” said Guido Masieri, Chief Operating Officer at Finantix.
  • “Our go-to-market strategy is to be close to our customers” continued Masieri. For Finantix, this often means relying on in-country partners to help run and provide ongoing administrative services for the local office.
  • Finantix decided to open an office in Singapore and partnered with Altios due to the firm’s presence and experience in the major markets.


  • Altios’ team in Singapore provided an in-country team ready to assist Finantix as it set up its office.
  • Altios supplied on-the-ground expertise and ensured compliance with local laws. To keep Finantix from duplicating internal processes, Altios oversees its administrative operations.
  • Altios’ customised solution meant Finantix could focus on serving its clients in Singapore while ensuring critical administrative functions are carried out and comply with local regulations. “We did not want to establish a local office in Singapore where we would be duplicating internal processes,” says Masieri.


  • For more than a decade now, Finantix relies on Altios’ local expertise to ensure the company’s Singapore office runs smoothly and is compliant with local regulations.
  • Altios provide important administrative support such as payroll, and handles Finantix’s financial and tax reporting in Singapore.

Learn more about Finantix:

Company Profile

Headquartered in Luxembourg

Offices in key financial markets, including London, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Hong Kong, Geneva, and Tokyo

Industry: software solutions for wealth management, insurance, and private banking industries

Target country: Singapore