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/ Rubicon Water

Rubicon Water Leverages Altios’ Deep Market Knowledge to Expand in India and China

I believe it has been, for both my team and our board, extremely helpful to be assisted in making the right choices and taking the appropriate decisions.

Bruce Rodgerson
CEO, Rubicon Water
  • With a focus on innovative solutions, Rubicon Water’s R&D centre holds several patents in conjunction with the University of Melbourne. The company can test its meters and gates to international standards.
  • With installations spanning ten countries and offices in seven markets means the company needs to acquire and maintain the best talent covering a full range of specialists.
  • These include highly-skilled engineers, systems analysts, database experts, and software programmers.
  • Expanding in China and India meant the company needed to understand the dynamics of these two markets fully and how to expand its offerings in each successfully.
  • Altios’ consultants in China and India – working in conjunction with the team in Australia – provided Rubicon Water headquarters a report on expansion in the two markets.
  • A go-to-market strategy meant Rubicon Water would need local teams that would work with its in-country partners.
  • Working with Altios, Rubicon Water gained valuable market knowledge before expanding their operations in India and China.

  • By leveraging Altios’ on-the-ground experience and outside perspective, Rubicon Water proceeded with a well-thought-out market expansion plan.

  • The presence of local Altios staff means the company is well-positioned to grow its operations in the market.

Learn more about Rubicon Water:

Company Profile

Founded in 1995 in Melbourne

Offices in 7 markets

Industry: customised solutions for large-scale, gravity-fed irrigation networks around the world

Target country: China, India

Rubicon Vertical

/ Forest Chemical

Forest Chemical Enters China Leveraging Altios’ Network and In-Country Experience

Thanks to our partnership, we can benefit from Altios’ experience and solid logistics of the Asian market.

Sergio Vega
Co-Founder and Director of Operations, Forest Chemical


  • The hot-melt adhesive market is projected to reach $9.5 billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 6% (2019–2024)—an increase driven by the Asian region and specifically China.
  • To capture the market potential in Asia, the company decided to enter the Chinese market first.
  • “We have the added competitive advantage of being not only an export company but one focused on R&D. Our boundaries keep growing,” said Sergio Vega, Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Forest Chemical.


  • Working with the Altios team in China, Forest Chemical was able to develop its distribution network throughout the country.
  • Altios provided talent acquisition and access to meeting support services, and their in-country team enabled Forest Chemical to overcome language barriers. “The local Altios team helped us understand and adapt to the Chinese culture, standards, industries, and customs,” said Vega.


  • Since working with Altios, the Spanish company was able to secure a backlog of orders with Chinese companies. “Altios is knowledgable on our market and understands our objectives. And they have a wide network of contacts in China,” said Vega.
  • With Altios’ presence in key global markets, the Forest Group is well-positioned now to further its expansion efforts in the Asian marketplace and establish its presence in the region.
  • The company aims to be an industry reference in solving complex packaging requirements within the food and beverage segment.

Learn more about Forest Chemical:

Company Profile

Spanish company founded in 2009

Industry: High-performance, sustainable hot-melt adhesives for packaging and bonding market

Target country: China

/ Finantix

Altios Helps Finantix Open Subsidiary in Singapore

Collaboration with Altios is based on transparency and is continuously evolving. Thatʼs what makes all the difference when it comes to addressing potential roadblocks, issues, and even opportunities. Altios helps us do what we do even better.

Guido Masieri
Chief Operating Officer, Finantix


  • Global expansion is a key component of Finantix’s growth in the financial sector. To better serve their clients, the firm decided to establish a local presence in high-growth markets open to innovative digital solutions. “We go where the financial industry is growing,” said Guido Masieri, Chief Operating Officer at Finantix.
  • “Our go-to-market strategy is to be close to our customers” continued Masieri. For Finantix, this often means relying on in-country partners to help run and provide ongoing administrative services for the local office.
  • Finantix decided to open an office in Singapore and partnered with Altios due to the firm’s presence and experience in the major markets.


  • Altios’ team in Singapore provided an in-country team ready to assist Finantix as it set up its office.
  • Altios supplied on-the-ground expertise and ensured compliance with local laws. To keep Finantix from duplicating internal processes, Altios oversees its administrative operations.
  • Altios’ customised solution meant Finantix could focus on serving its clients in Singapore while ensuring critical administrative functions are carried out and comply with local regulations. “We did not want to establish a local office in Singapore where we would be duplicating internal processes,” says Masieri.


  • For more than a decade now, Finantix relies on Altios’ local expertise to ensure the company’s Singapore office runs smoothly and is compliant with local regulations.
  • Altios provide important administrative support such as payroll, and handles Finantix’s financial and tax reporting in Singapore.

Learn more about Finantix:

Company Profile

Headquartered in Luxembourg

Offices in key financial markets, including London, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Hong Kong, Geneva, and Tokyo

Industry: software solutions for wealth management, insurance, and private banking industries

Target country: Singapore

/ Serge Ferrari Group

Serge Ferrari Leverages Altios’ Talent Acquisition Expertise for International Expansion

Altios employees are an added value for us. As we collaborate, they know our values and our company culture. They know how to become ambassadors of the SergeFerrari brand throughout the world, and this saves time and gives us a sense of security.

Hervé Garcia
Director of Human Resources, Serge Ferrari Group
  • From its beginnings, international markets have been a key element of growth for the SergeFerrari Group. The company’s innovative composite materials are used by architects, designers, and research agencies worldwide.
  • For more than 16 years, the company has relied on Altios for its international development.
  • To further expand its international business, the company foresaw the high-growth markets of India and Australia as new opportunities for its unique composite materials.
  • In 2015, the company decided to accelerate its international activities and increase its export sales. With revenue at €148 million in 2015, the Group wanted to increase revenue by 25 per cent by 2018.
  • The growth strategy meant doubling the number of international sales representatives from 80 to 160.

  • In conjunction with talent acquisition, the SergeFerrari Group began working on a project to increase its production capabilities with the construction of added manufacturing systems and further development of the company’s innovation centre.

  • To meet its objectives, the SergeFerrari Group leveraged Altois’ expertise in worldwide talent acquisition, in addition to its administrative support and legal knowledge in diverse markets.

  • In 2018, the SergeFerrari Group reached €185 million in revenue, a 25 % increase over its reported 2014 income.

  • Going forward, the Group foresees a continued partnership with Altios as it looks at new global market opportunities for its innovative materials.

Learn more about Serge Ferrari Group:

Company Profile

Founded in 1973

Annual Sales: €185 million

International Sales: 75%

3 production sites in 80 countries

Network of 100 independent distributors worldwide.

Industry: Flexible composite-material technology

Target countries: India and Australia

/ XMedius

Altios Strengthens XMedius’ Expansion in New Markets

“In the past, we did everything ourselves. It was intensive and often a lengthy process due to the logistics of setting up a business structure in a new country. Now, the day-to-day activities of the job, interaction with management and employee evaluation are seamless. The sales manager is treated like any other member of our team.”

Evelyne Morin
Vice-Présidente Ressources Humaines, XMedius


  • With an annual growth rate of 6%, capturing the market share in the secure enterprise communications opportunity is essential for XMedius.
  • Due to varying laws and regulations on data privacy and exchange, expansion into new markets requires a thorough understanding of policy and legislation on data exchange, in addition to economic viability.


  • XMedius worked with Altios in areas of risk mitigation and identification of potential markets. “We knew we wanted to expand further in Europe, but we were not quite sure which market,” said Filion. “Working with Altios, we ultimately chose Poland.”
  • As a company focused on providing the best customer experience, it was important for XMedius to set up local sales teams as part of its international growth strategy.
  • When XMedius was ready to enter two new markets—Australia and Poland—the company looked to Altios to provide human resource services.
  • Altios advised XMedius on local employment regulations, tax structures and talent requirements. Working together, Altios handled the recruitment, hiring and management of regional sales teams.
  • Outsourcing of specific human resource needs meant XMedius could be operational quickly in both countries and, more importantly, hire the best talent by being competitive and offering employee benefits in line with each market.


  • Of the 60 sales managers, 45 work in markets outside of XMedius’ central offices, either from their homes or on the road. This local sales approach continues to be a part of the company’s global expansion strategy.

  • “What sets Altios apart is its ability to be agile and to act quickly due to a broad, worldwide presence, which is especially important for fast-moving technology companies such as XMedius,” said Isabelle Combe, Managing Director of Altios Canada.

Company Profile

XMedius Solutions Inc., headquartered in Montreal, Canada

Offices in Montreal, Paris and Seattle

More than 20 million users and 50,000 installations worldwide

Industry: Field of secure enterprise communication solutions

Target countries: Poland and Australia