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/ Group Export Agri-Food  

ALTIOS supported Group Export’s members with validating their potential in the U.S., China and France markets

With ALTIOS by our side, we were able to offer our members great strategic advice and in the field support during the challenging pandemic year and gave them the opportunity to discover new markets.

Martin Lavoie
President and CEO of Group Export Agri-Food


  • Group Export Agri-Food (Group Export) is the largest association of agri-food product exporters in Canada. Group Export helps Québec agri-food exporters, who are members of the group, enter markets outside the province and abroad by organising trade shows, buyers’ meetings, and other events. Group Export is thus forming an essential bridge between the public and private sectors and bolstering the presence of Québec products in foreign markets.
  • When the pandemic opposed a lockdown upon the whole world, lasting almost a full year, Group Export needed to find new ways to support its members that were still looking for new opportunities in foreign markets.
  • Because of COVID-19, hosting large in-person shows or traveling abroad was no longer an option. We, therefore, decided to develop a new program to help our members explore potential new markets without having to leave Canada”, says Martin Lavoie, president, and CEO of Group Export. “With ZENiTH, we wanted to create a unique advisory program in which recognized experts would support the companies with their international development strategy.”
  • To provide this international strategy and in the field support, Group Export reached out to ALTIOS. “We chose ALTIOS because a couple of our members had great experiences working with them in the past”, says Lavoie. “Furthermore, we were looking for a partner with a strong local presence in the key markets we wanted to target, which is one of the many features ALTIOS offers.”


  • Group Export decided to focus on three markets in their ZENiTH program: the U.S., China, and France. “We chose these three because they have a lot to offer to our members in terms of size, of the positivity with which Quebec products are generally welcomed, but also because they’re complex markets that require help from local experts to enter successfully”, Lavoie explains.
  • ALTIOS supported Group Export’s members with validating their potential in these markets, and, in the cases where viability was established, developing a market strategy and connecting these companies with potential, local partners.
  • Having support in the field during the pandemic was a great advantage for most of our members”, says Lavoie. “Even though travel was restricted, they still had the opportunity to explore new markets and establish contact with potential partners, thanks to ALTIOS expertise.”


  • According to Lavoie, the support that ALTIOS offered has put many of the participating Group Export’s members on a path to success. “We have companies that are now selling in the target markets due to their participation in the ZENiTH program, some have established important contacts with which they can build upon and there were even a couple of companies that learned that these markets were not a good fit for their products. This is an important outcome, because they can now focus on other potential opportunities and avoid time and money waste.”
  • Group Export is very pleased with the first edition of the ZENiTH program. “With the help of ALTIOS, we were able to offer our members a great alternative solution during a time that made travel to new markets impossible”, says Lavoie. “We had never provided our members with services that were really tailored to their specific needs and questions before, so it is a big plus for us as a group to be able to offer this type of support.”
  • Even though Group Export’s activities are no longer restricted by the pandemic, Lavoie is convinced the program will have another edition with ALTIOS as a partner. “The local knowledge and network that ALTIOS can offer are a great advantage for any company that wants to expand to a new market.”

Discover more about GEA on:

Company Profile

Founded in 1990

Headquarters: Sainte-Julie, Québec, Canada

500 member companies

Target market: France, the U.S. and China

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/ Crédit Agricole Italy

Crédit Agricole Partners with Altios To Provide International Offer to Clients

We want to have a long-term relationship with our customers and to support their goals.

Frantz Puccetti
Head of Mid Corporate Projects of Crédit Agricole Italia


  • In 2007, Crédit Agricole partnered with Altios to provide a range of solutions to facilitate and accelerate expansion in worldwide markets, from strategy development and implementation to prospection and talent acquisition.
  • Heightened global competition has changed the landscape of the Italian economy.
  • In recent years, mid-sized companies are seen as an important driver of market growth in Italy. “We’ve seen a growing interest from Italian mid-sized businesses wanting to expand internationally,” Mirko Mottino, Managing Director of Altios Italy.
  • For Crédit Agricole Italia, serving its client base means being their partner in the growth of their business, both locally and internationally. “Many of our clients have limited resources. A partner who can help them learn and navigate international expansion is essential,” said Puccetti.


  • A growing number of businesses wants assistance in international development. Credit Agricole Italia and Altios partnered to provide one-day events focused on global expansion.
  • The “8-Hours Around The World: Ideas and Solutions for Internationalisation” event allows local business leaders to meet with Altios country directors and Crédit Agricole specialists.


  • At the event in Rimini, Italy, in 2019, more than 100 meetings took place with partner representatives from 14 countries. Attendees connected with consultants from Altios and Credit Agricole to discuss international expansion.
  • The partnership between Crédit Agricole and Altios provides mutual support to clients in their international expansion, across geographies and areas of service support. Their shared global expertise and goal-driven approach reflect in each client project.
  • “Altios is a good partner for Crédit Agricole because they are in the most relevant markets. Together, we can be a one-stop-shop for our customers,” said Puccetti. “Crédit Agricole and Altios aim to be more than just service providers—we aim to be valued partners to our clients.”

Learn more about Crédit Agricole Italy:

Company Profile

Crédit Agricole Group, based in Paris, France

10th-largest bank in the world, with 52 million customers and 11,000 branch offices in 50 countries.

Industry: Finance

Part of the bank’s services is dedicated to supporting the international development of local businesses

Target country: Italy

/ Foley Gardere Arena

Altios and Foley Forge Strategic Partnership to Help Clients to Mitigate Risk in Global Expansion Projects

I believe this is where our network and expertise, combined with Altios’ presence in key markets, is advantageous to each’s respective clients.

Marcos Carrasco-Menchaca
Partner at Foley Gardere Arena


  • A major concern for both Altios and Foley: serving global clients within complex industries where regulations, taxes and markets are concurrently changing.
  • By forming a partnership, Altios and Foley can provide clients with a complete analysis of the costs, risks and market potential of international expansion projects.
  • A significant investment is often required when moving into a new market, especially in industries such as automotive and manufacturing.
  • It was essential to bring together market opportunity, costs projections and labour conditions, in addition to regulatory and tax implications.


  • Since their partnership, the two advisory firms have worked on several client projects in the automotive and manufacturing industries.
  • Altios provided the initial analysis of overall cost variables and risk factors to determine the projected value of each expansion project.
  • Foley provided the review of trade, tax and regulatory requirements from both short and long-term perspectives.
  • Marcos Carrasco-Menchaca Partner at Foley Gardere Arena in Mexico, a subsidiary of Foley & Lardner LLP recommended that clients begin the compliance process as early as possible. It is important to know the key players and policymakers to prevent delays and remain agile to changing regulations.


  • Working together on client projects in the automotive sector, Altios and Foley provided the outlook needed. For clients, a long-term perspective is vital, as tax and trade agreements often change and can impact the success of the international expansion.
  • Foley studied each client’s business to ensure any variations were taken into account even after the initial project rollout.
  • Within the automotive sector, Altios and Foley have helped clients navigate the growing complexity of supply-chain management.
  • The increased globalisation of the automotive supply chain has meant OEMs expect suppliers to be in each market. Laws and trade agreements are also evolving to promote local and regional trade. These significant market changes are present in the new NAFTA and USMCA trade agreements.
  • Understanding and proactively working within these new regulatory and market shifts helped clients lessen financial risk.

Company Profile

24 offices across the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Asia

Activity area: legal services in diverse industries, such as automotive and manufacturing industries

Foley Vertical-1

/ Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

RCGT Partners with Altios to Better Serve Global Expansion Needs of Clients.

Although Altios is a lean organisation, they have locations around the world and a physical office in every country they operate. We have the opportunity to work with people who genuinely understand local regulations and cultural nuances, which makes all the difference.

Valérie Verdoni
IBC Director, RCGT Canada


  • RCGT wanted to offer complementary services specifically tailored to the needs of Canadian businesses expanding in new markets and countries.
  • Companies often require in-country experts when expanding their operations in new markets. For RCGT, this meant the firm needed a trusted partner who shared its global mindshare and who could offer clients with in-country support in diverse areas such as talent acquisition and client prospection.


  • By partnering with Altios, RCGT can now provide its clients with a network of in-market experts and ensure an integrated solution.
  • “Altios helps us to complement our service offering so we can provide better value to clients seeking international expansion—whether that means supporting them in commercial prospection or recruiting part-time local representation,” said Verdoni.


  • The close partnership means RCGT clients now benefit from a substantial added value.
  • The consolidated approach enables RCGT to be a full-service provider for clients looking to expand internationally, and at the same time, an integrated team brings increased knowledge and experience.
  • “Although Altios is a lean organisation, they have locations around the world and a physical office in every country they operate,” says Verdoni. “We have the opportunity to work with people who genuinely understand local regulations and cultural nuances, which makes all the difference.”

Learns more about Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton:

Company Profile

Founded in 1948

Services: assurance, tax, and advisory services, along with business recovery and reorganisation

100 offices in Canada, 4th largest firm of GT member firm network

Target country: Canada

/ French Nouvelle Aquitaine Region

Nouvelle Aquitaine Region in France Partners with Altios to Help Launch Startups
in the U.S.

Boston is an excellent location for tech companies entering the U.S. market for the first time due to a qualified pool of talent, investment funds, and network of incubators and accelerators.

Patrick Ferron
Associate Director Altios


  • For many of its local startups and businesses, access to the American market is a challenge due to cultural differences, varying ecosystems, understanding of legal and regulatory requirements, and networking.
  • The regional government sought an external consultancy firm with experience and knowledge in the market.


  • The Nouvelle Aquitaine selected Altios due to its strong global presence, its experience in helping companies set themselves up in new markets, and its knowledge and network in the U.S.
  • For building a further bridge to the American market, Altios organised and accompanied regional startups to the U.S., with Boston as a first destination.
  • The delegation from the Nouvelle Aquitaine included representatives from four startups, French Tech Bordeaux, the International Chamber of Commerce, and government groups.
  • The trip, labelled the Boston Learning Expedition, provided an overview of the Boston ecosystem and highlighted the opportunities for tech companies in the area.
  • The selected startups – A3i, ThinkDeep AI, Ullo and Flovea – along with the regional delegation met with Boston AI and biotech firms, as well as economic development agencies, incubators and MIT.


  • Several meetings were organised with key actors in the Boston tech ecosystem,
  • Startups and regional delegates of the Nouvelle Aquitaine gained valuable insights on critical differences between the two markets.
  • They opened doors to contacts within the city and the surrounding areas.
  • Participants attained a greater awareness of the tech ecosystem and gained insights on funding and fiscal incentives available.
  • They understood that bringing together the right players -businesses, institutions, cities- is instrumental for expansion.

Learn more abour French Nouvelle Aquitaine region:

Company Profile

Nouvelle Aquitaine French region (central city Bordeaux) is the 3rd fastest-growing regional economy in the country

The innovative program Booster, focused on local startups, was created in 2018 to help accelerate international development in the U.S., Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

Annual GRP: €158 billion

Over 100 projects supported each year

Industry: wines, aeronautics and tourism industries

Target country: U.S.A.

/ Invest in Bavaria

Altios Enables Invest in Bavaria to Grow French Investment in the Region

We look forward to our continued collaboration. Invest in Bavaria and Altios form a strong partnership to encourage Europe and the rest of the world to set up in Bavaria.

Christelle Oliveira
Senior Project Manager, Altios France


  • With a gross regional product of €625 billion, the Bavarian economy is comparable to that of Switzerland. Bavaria attracts companies and investors at a global level. According to Deutsche Startup Monitor, 16 per cent of startups in Germany are in Bavaria, of which 11 per cent are in the tech startup hub of Munich.
  • To represent the region in France, the agency required an outside firm with experience and knowledge in working with companies on expansion and location needs. Bavaria appeals to companies in a vast array of sectors including automotive, aerospace, energy, insurance, and finance, among others.


  • Invest in Bavaria selected Altios to represent the agency in France.

  • “We offer different ways to help businesses set up in Bavaria,” said Apfel. “First, we provide services like information on Bavaria, networking, events, and legal and tax guidance. Second, we offer a location search to help companies find the right place to set up—from a plot to an office building, co-working space, and more. And the third part of our service is providing contact points in areas such as legal, tax, and public and private institutions.”


  • Working with Altios France, the agency has extended its reach throughout France. Leveraging Altios’ strong network and experience in global expansion, Invest in Bavaria can assure the region is top-of-mind with French investors.

Learn more about Invest in Bavaria:

Company Profile

GRP’s Bavaria: €625 billion

16 % startups in Germany are in Bavaria, of which 11 % are in the tech startup hub of Munich

Investment in digitalisation initiatives: €1.5 billion

Activity: to assist companies and startups in settling and thriving in Bavaria.

Target country: Bavaria in Germany

Bavaria Vertical