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Altios Helps Finantix Open Subsidiary in Singapore

Collaboration with Altios is based on transparency and is continuously evolving. Thatʼs what makes all the difference when it comes to addressing potential roadblocks, issues, and even opportunities. Altios helps us do what we do even better.

Guido Masieri
Chief Operating Officer, Finantix


  • Global expansion is a key component of Finantix’s growth in the financial sector. To better serve their clients, the firm decided to establish a local presence in high-growth markets open to innovative digital solutions. “We go where the financial industry is growing,” said Guido Masieri, Chief Operating Officer at Finantix.
  • “Our go-to-market strategy is to be close to our customers” continued Masieri. For Finantix, this often means relying on in-country partners to help run and provide ongoing administrative services for the local office.
  • Finantix decided to open an office in Singapore and partnered with Altios due to the firm’s presence and experience in the major markets.


  • Altios’ team in Singapore provided an in-country team ready to assist Finantix as it set up its office.
  • Altios supplied on-the-ground expertise and ensured compliance with local laws. To keep Finantix from duplicating internal processes, Altios oversees its administrative operations.
  • Altios’ customised solution meant Finantix could focus on serving its clients in Singapore while ensuring critical administrative functions are carried out and comply with local regulations. “We did not want to establish a local office in Singapore where we would be duplicating internal processes,” says Masieri.


  • For more than a decade now, Finantix relies on Altios’ local expertise to ensure the company’s Singapore office runs smoothly and is compliant with local regulations.
  • Altios provide important administrative support such as payroll, and handles Finantix’s financial and tax reporting in Singapore.

Learn more about Finantix: https://www.investcloud.com/

Company Profile

Headquartered in Luxembourg

Offices in key financial markets, including London, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Hong Kong, Geneva, and Tokyo

Industry: software solutions for wealth management, insurance, and private banking industries

Target country: Singapore

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