UK Trade Agency Partners with Altios to Grow US Exports

As Altios is already a partner of companies that are developing internationally, they know the market well and which steps to take.

Sue Marsden Gilpin
Head of Trade Services at DIT’s office in New York


  • The U.S. is an essential market for the DIT in both inward and outward investments and exports. To reach 100,000 new exports into the U.S. by 2020, the agency needed a partner with in-country teams knowledgable on the dynamics of the American marketplace.
  • The agency selected Altios due to its expertise and knowledge in both markets, and its in-country teams.


  • To complement DIT’s services, Altios provided a range of services to aid companies in both export and expansion.
  • Services provided by Altios as part of the partnership include distribution strategy, product registration, franchising, foreign investment, administrative and accounting management, in addition to new services, as required.


  • The partnership with Altios provided DIT with a flexible and open relationship on which to build its full offering of client services.

  • As the trade agency was looking for on-the-ground support, Altios teams in both the U.S. and the U.K. could provide the knowledge and expertise required by its clients.

Company Profile

Founded in 2016

1,200 employees in the U.K. and globally in more than 100 countries

Offices in the top nine cities in the U.S.

U.K.’s Department of International Trade (referred to as the DIT) is the country’s government agency that promotes inward and outward business development.

Target country: U.S.

DIT UK vertical

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