Doing business in Australia


Positioned at a gateway to Asia, Australia is a market worth consideration for international development.

Australia, as a target for international development, is a market worth consideration. Positioned at a gateway to Asia, Australia occupies one of the most dynamic economic zones on the planet. In addition, it has low setup costs and one of the highest economic growth rates in the OECD. Australia is also entering its 27th year of consecutive growth, a very enviable position for any country, and is now the 13th largest economy in the world.

With a dynamic and multicultural population of 25 million, Australia offers many advantages as a potential market. The country is experiencing a demographic boom, which is also stimulating domestic trade. And, as long as you speak English, you don’t need an interpreter for conducting business.

A market with many opportunities

Companies that set up in Australia benefit from privileged conditions: the cost of living is low and housing is affordable. Australia has one of the best educational and social systems in the world. With its many business opportunities and thriving economy, Australia is one of the world’ s most important countries in terms of purchasing power.

Australia is a market with strong potential and can be very profitable for a growing company looking to establish itself for the long term.

Direct investment in Australia

Given its dynamic economy and excellent reputation, Australia is extremely attractive for foreign direct investment (FDI). It is also one of the top 10 destinations in the world for FDI. Many countries have taken advantage of this, including the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Foreign investors benefit from some of Australia’s key economic sectors, including services (79.2%), construction (8.8%), manufacturing (7.4%), agriculture (2.7%) and mining (1.9%).

Strong export markets

Several major export markets are flourishing in the Australian economy and represent promising international business opportunities. Natural resources accounted for 43% of Australian exports in 2016, followed by services (21.6%), manufactured goods (13.2%) and food products (11.2%). With a focus on the major markets of the Asian region, Australia is an ideal base for business development.

In Australia, the majority of these commercial activities are located in major cities, particularly those on the east coast, including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. These 3 cities account for nearly 70% of the Australian population. If we add the city of Adelaide, almost 80% of the population is spread over 4 easily identifiable economic centres, which favours a rapid, simplified and controlled expansion.

A few good reasons to bet on Australia

A country of wealth and innovation, Australia has many attractive opportunities for businesses.

The country counts on 5 key industries that contribute to its prosperity: natural resources and energy, agri-food, financial services, education and tourism. 

With one of the best education systems in the world, it is not surprising that Australia’s workforce is highly skilled and talented.

Australia recently accelerated its digital transformation with high speed Internet being deployed throughout the continent bringing access to 95% of the population.

Research and development (R&D) is at the heart of the Australian initiative. Each year, the country invests considerable amounts of money to innovate and develop its intellectual capital. Its population is in favour of innovation.

The Australian economy is bolstered by nearly 2 million SMEs. Together, these businesses comprise a major economic driver for the whole continent.

The strength of Australia’s economy speaks for itself: the country has important institutions that know how to develop creative policies to stimulate international trade.

ALTIOS International: Helping its clients take advantage of newly hot markets

Whether in Australia or around the world, the ALTIOS team is skilled at setting up companies internationally. With a presence in the country since 1991 and an office in Sydney, our experts rely on a vast professional network to help our clients strengthen their international business processes. This expertise is offered in the 18 countries where ALTIOS is active locally.

Bruno Mascart, ALTIOS International Managing Partner and President Asia Pacific states: “Thanks to its proximity to Asia, Australia is also a strategic market for businesses expanding in the region. With significant raw material resources and a high level of agricultural production, Australia boasts a wide range of promising markets, with the agri-food and services sectors playing an important role.”

Our marketing techniques and our knowledge of the terrain are designed to offer our clients a personalized service, fully adapted to their needs. By relying on a large international network, we have only one objective in mind: to help companies establish themselves effectively in the best global markets.

By the numbers:

Population: 23.5 million inhabitants
Capital: Canberra
GDP (2018): $1 482 trillion (13° world ranking)
Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
Unemployment rate: 6.3% (2018)


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