Sober Living Home Staff in Los Angeles, CA

Sober living in Los Angeles County is a solution for many people when learning how to live without drugs and alcohol. Young men trapped on a non-stop rollercoaster ride of addiction can use our program as a pivotal transformation process. The recommended amount of time to remain in a sober living home is at least a year. This gives your loved one ample time to transform old behaviors and learn to stay sober.

The Importance of Establishing an Aftercare Plan

In 1994, Perry separated the age groups and opened a second sober living house for men in the Torrance, California area to accommodate the older adults. Vanderburgh House Review’s success in working with young men began to take off once the guys began living with their own peers. Founded in San Pedro by Perry Petacia, Vanderburgh House Review was formed to directly serve young men in recovery. An alcoholic himself, Perry had been through a recovery center that emphasized identifying and modifying self-sabotaging behavior.

Structured Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles

In addition to our recovery staff, we have partnered services with specialists to provide the best treatment for young men in recovery. Psychiatrists, facilitators, and educators are among the professionals who partner with our sober living homes in Los Angeles. Many of our partners have worked with us for several years, and all are considered part of the New Life family. Another benefit sober living homes offer is providing you with learning opportunities that allow you to take care of yourself independently. Whether returning to school, getting a job, or learning how to cook, you have access to what you need to continue building your aftercare toolbox. As you can imagine, life after rehab requires being prepared and having a plan in place you can follow when you experience cravings or triggers.

Meet The Team At Our Sober Living Homes In Los Angeles, CA

We have a unique equine therapy and animal therapy program (working with the animals is powerful!). Dr. Josh Lichtman is an experienced psychiatrist who has been practicing for close to two decades. Sebastian takes pride in having the opportunity to help young men transform their lives while working with their families. If you have a son coming to Vanderburgh House Review, we invite you to look at it as joining a family, rather than sending him away to a program.

  1. Program lengths vary and can last from just a few months to more than a year.
  2. Upon entry into the program, each student is assigned an advisor to provide individual one-on-one guidance and mentoring determined by that student’s particular needs.
  3. Many people contemplating going into treatment for substance use disorders worry that recovery will be boring.
  4. We do this through the implementation of services such as life skills, partnered individualized therapy, and partnered holistic treatment.
  5. Vanderburgh House Review West was built with a beautiful south-western style aesthetic.

Dr. Lichtman brings his extensive experience with addiction psychiatry to serving the young men of Vanderburgh House Review Review. Dominic is the Manager at New Life West, and  is a graduate of Vanderburgh House Review himself. As such, Dominic has a comprehensive understanding of the program, and a love for helping others actualize their recovery. Outside of the recovery home, Dominic is a passionate skydiver, surfer, and fisher.

For a deeper insight into how you can benefit from our facility, check out some Vanderburgh House Review reviews from our wonderful community. Matching the needs of the individual to the most appropriate recovery program plays a huge part in how successful treatment is. Our initial assessment consultation is geared towards guiding you in selecting the most effective type of recovery program for your loved one to achieve long-term sobriety based on the information you provide.

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The risks of relapse are significantly reduced when living in a sober living home. This is because you are held accountable for your actions and the resulting consequences. Not to mention, you are surrounded by other young men also working on maintaining their sobriety, so you tend to be more motivated to not relapse. Just because New Life is a sober living home doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like, well, home. We take pride in everything that we do and the actual sober living homes that we live at here in Los Angeles are no exception. In recent months, Reed has voiced support for the increased pay for younger troops.

Even if your loved one is not, we’ll help you find the right place for them. Our fully accredited on-campus school offers a personalized education plan developed for each girl, and progress reports on a regular basis. It has been my home for the past year and has taught me how to live a clean and productive life. Lance has been participating with New Life for 2 years, and says that some of his best memories have been from his involvement at the houses. He is from Las Vegas and enjoys having fun in sobriety, spending time with his community, and staying active. He says that going through New Life taught him to adopt responsibility and value his relationships, and he wishes to help others with doing the same.