How to Calculate Net Sales NET Credit Sale Formula

how to calculate net credit sales

And the company credit policy is determining the credit limit which your organization can offer. Net credit sales are the revenue that the company generates through its selling general ledger accounting of services or goods. When an organization sells its goods or services to their customer and allows the customers to buy the goods on credit; hence this is the credit sales.

how to calculate net credit sales

Step 2: Identify the Total Sales Returns and Allowances

  1. Your income statement showcases the financial progress of your business during a specific period.
  2. By subtracting the sales returns and sales allowances from the total sales on credit, the Net Credit Sales can be determined.
  3. Sales returns refer to merchandise or products that customers have returned to the company due to defects, damaged goods, or customer dissatisfaction.
  4. We hope this guide has equipped you with the knowledge and tools to find net credit sales on the balance sheet.

Sales where the buyer’s payment obligation is settled immediately with the help of currency notes, bank cards, etc. are called cash sales. Cash sales reduce the risk of bad debts and help support routine business operations. An increase in sales and allowances account and a decrease in cash or accounts receivable.


Credit sales are sales made by a business to a customer which do not require immediate payment. The customer has an account with the business, and will be required to pay in accordance with the credit terms at a later date. For instance, your business retains $0.20 for every dollar of revenue generated. Further, it also means that the amount retained can be used towards paying debts and other expenses.

How To Find Net Credit Sales On Balance Sheet

In other words, your sales return account gets debited and the cash or accounts receivable account gets credited. The average collection period is a metric that measures a company’s efficiency in converting sales on credit into cash on hand. For example; A discount of 10% is offered by an entity on the sale of certain products.

how to calculate net credit sales

Credit Sales is the part of sales that is done on a credit basis i.e. cash is not to be collected immediately from sales but is collected after a specified period of time as per the policy of the company. Generally, for a large number of sales, a credit facility is given so that the customer gets a sufficient amount of the time to resale the goods and arrange the finance. Net credit sales are calculated as sales done on a credit basis less sales return on a credit basis and sales allowance. The Net Credit Sales Calculator is a tool used to calculate the net credit sales based on the sales on credit, sales returns, and sales allowances.

Net credit sales refer to the total sales revenue generated from transactions where customers are allowed to pay at a later date, typically on credit terms. These credit terms can vary, but common examples include 30, 60, or 90 days credit. Net credit sales are an important metric for businesses as they represent the portion of sales revenue that is not immediately received in cash. Instead, they create accounts receivable, which are amounts owed to the business by its customers. Net Sales refers to your company’s total sales during an accounting period less any allowances, sales returns, and trade discounts.

If your customers are going to pay you through credit or debit cards, you have to subtract the bank account processing charge from the net amount of the credit sales. Sales where the buyer’s payment obligation is settled at a later date sometimes after many days, weeks, or months (based on a payment agreement) are called credit sales. It is recorded as “debtors or accounts receivable” in the balance sheet. In this article, we will delve deeper into the concept of net credit sales, exploring its definition, importance, calculation methods, and factors that affect it.