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We are proud to contribute to the success of leading companies in overseas markets. We are dedicated to their success, and our customer satisfaction rate is our best reference.

GL Events

In 1998 we started working with Altios International as part of a bidding process for the Sydney Olympic Games. Since then, we have consistently called upon their services for our global growth. Our partnership has proved to be of a high quality due to the professionalism they have shown throughout the years.

Olivier Ginon President
Groupe Novarc

Thanks to Altios’ expertise in the administrative and accounting management of a subsidiary, we were able to establish ourselves in Mexico in all serenity.

Jean-Noël Rey Finance Director
Serge Ferrari

We've trusted Altios for more than ten years in many countries such as Australia, India, China, Mexico and Brazil. Whether it is to find suppliers, recruit locally or host and ensure wage portage, Altios has always been a valuable asset to our international development. Moreover, their knowledge and proximity are always appreciated for the management of our subsidiaries abroad.

Sébastien Ferrari Chief Executive Officer View the case study