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Over the past few years, startups have proven that innovation and technology are their engine to achieve success. These types of start-ups are characterized by their exponential growth since their inception due to the high investments they require.

Startups in Mexico

Startups in Mexico have an extremely important presence, since the country represents the second largest market in Latin America, behind Brazil. This has opened the doors to a greater flow of foreign investments, which are expected to continue developing and growing thanks to the USMCA agreements.

According to Strategy&, the sector with the highest number of start-ups in Mexico during 2020 was IT with more than 600, being 26% of the distribution of this type of companies in the country. In second place was Financial Services with more than 300 companies representing 11% and Business Services with more than 250, being 10% of emerging companies in Mexico.

Venture Capitals investment

More and more foreign Venture Capitals decide to invest in Mexican Startups. According to El Economista, during 2021 venture capital investment in the country grew by 291% in amount and 60% in transactions.

Local and foreign investment funds invested $4,767 million dollars in 2021 in Mexican startups, an amount that exceeded the $1,210 million of the previous year.

During that same period, the largest transactions carried out were those of the pre-owned car sales company Kavak, with a survey of more than 1,000 million dollars and the investment in the Bitso cryptocurrency exchange, of 250 million dollars.

Investment funds

The funds that carried out the most transactions in Mexico were the Argentine Kaszek Ventures, the Mexican Angel Ventures Mexico AVPAFII, the American FJ Labs, the Mexican ALLVP and the American 500 Startups and the Japanese SoftBank.

At the end of 2021, Mexico had 8 unicorns, companies valued at more than one billion dollars: Kavak Bitso, Clara, Clip, Konfío, Incode, Jokr, Merama,

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