About the Department for International Trade (DIT) in New York

The Department for International Trade (DIT) in New York, formerly United Kingdom Trade & Investment, supports UK companies in expanding their export activities and grow into global markets such as the United States. With over 1,200 employees worldwide, it is responsible for the development, coordination, and implementation of a comprehensive trade and investment policy to promote UK businesses across the globe. DIT also supports foreign companies with investment and development projects into the UK market. In addition, it provides operational support for export and acts as a facilitator for inbound and outbound investment.

The Department for International Trade’s activities in the United States

DIT is a major player for American companies that are seeking to expand and offer a wide range of services. DIT offers many online services such as a platform where companies can register directly on the homepage for export or purchase opportunities (an alert can be set to match company opportunities).  Market research, business networks and market introductions are services that are also offered. DIT have on-site staff at 9 key locations to provide support for companies expanding into global markets.

Department for International Trade (DIT) and Altios International, a strategic partnership

As the US represents a large market, DIT relies on Altios International to extend its reach and help achieve its objectives, with the primary goal of reaching 100,000 new exporters by 2020. In order to do so, their aim is to focus on campaigning on the ground and is confident that partnering up while being certain that the partnership with teams such as Altios International, which offers complementary services (advice on distribution strategy, product registration, Franchise network, accommodation service, administrative and accounting management, foreign investments, etc.), will contribute greatly to stimulate the British economy. Working with flexible teams in order to meet its objectives is a priority for DIT.

“The elements that make this partnership with Altios a winning one are based on trust, very strong communication, transparency and mutual understanding,” says Sue Marsden Gilpin, Head of Trade Services at DIT New York.

DIT’s clients have vast needs ranging from exporting a British business to a mass market such as the United States, to adapting a US company to a niche market.

“As Altios is already a partner of companies that are developing internationally, they already know the market well and which steps to take” explains Ms. Gilpin. DIT is currently working with various partners in order to meet globalization challenges and grow businesses internationally.

DIT’s services are provided in over 100 markets throughout the world. They are delivered by over 1,200 staff outside of the UK, roughly 500 staff at the London and Glasgow headquarters, and around 400 staff based in UK regions.

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