Soucy Track

The Soucy Group, based in Drummondville, Quebec, decided to set up their Soucy Track division in 2005. Today, farmers the world over know the company, which offers them a wide range of track systems for agricultural vehicles.

Soucy Track’s international global popularity is one of the benefits of the company’s ability to anticipate the industry’s changing needs. Soucy Track offers farmers a full gamut of compatible and adaptable products, providing them with a significant competitive advantage.

This dedication to innovation, excellence and performance has been one of Soucy Group’s biggest strengths as they celebrate their 50th anniversary. The Soucy Track division is a dedicated business partner for agricultural producers and proud of creating and manufacturing their products in house. This vertical integration gives the company complete control over their business and ensures that partners and clients benefit from optimized processes as well as increased competitiveness on the international stage. 

From ambition to expansion

Soucy Track’s expertise and reliability have paved the way for Canadian expertise to cross borders. Today, almost 95% of the division’s revenue comes from exportation—which means success depended on careful planning and strategies to carve out their place in the race towards globalization.

The goal from the start was clear: Soucy Track would become the global leader in rubber track systems for agricultural vehicles.

Over time, the company has taken steps to find experts to help teams get on track and surpass their goals.

Five years ago, efforts in Europe were spread thin and results were dispersed. Nonetheless, these first steps resulted in a certain level of success, as the company was able to build its own network of distributors.

Considering their objective, it was vital for the company to put aside their opportunistic approach and surround themselves with proactive experts who knew how to use strategy to minimise risk and maximize potential. 

Better surrounded for better performance

A meeting with Altios International quickly turned into a business partnership. It was clear that a turnkey approach would be vital to help Soucy Track become a key player on the international scene. Altios International became an important partner to help open up new markets, thanks in large part to the implementation of a highly strategic action plan targeted to the European market.

Soucy Track’s profound understanding of the agricultural sector means they knew first hand how difficult the market could be. They knew how important it was to stay close to that market, which can be affected by such factors as language barriers and regulatory restrictions. It had become more and more evident that, to succeed in the international market, the company had to develop its understanding of local markets in order to work more strategically.

“We quickly realized that Altios International was the best partner to help us fully understand the market, thanks to their profound knowledge of the agricultural industry and substantial network,” says François Soucy, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Soucy Track. “The Altios International team quickly became an extension of our own company. They knew where we wanted to go and they helped us toe the strategic line to get there.”

Conquering international markets through expertise

Although it’s too soon to claim victory, Mr. Soucy affirms that this step helped the company accomplish crucial goals to obtain key contacts. He says that Altios International was able to deliver results in the same way Soucy Track would have if they were on the ground. To Mr. Soucy, this gives the company a major advantage, as it would have normally been impossible to accomplish all that work without having to hire a team on site.

François Soucy believes an expert networks’ expertise provides significant leverage for projects, and he will continue to work with Altios International on Soucy Track projects around the world.

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