Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton sets their sights on the world

Quebec-based business accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT) is a Canadian leader in the areas of assurance, tax, advisory services, and business recovery and reorganization. As a member of Grant Thornton International, they are active around the world, with more than 700 member firms in over 135 countries, some 50,000 professionals and partners, and annual revenues exceeding US$5 billion. 

RCGT’s primary goal is to help clients unlock their potential for growth both locally and internationally. To do so successfully, they often look for partners in the field who offer complementary expertise and share their global mindset—such as ALTIOS International. 

A mutually beneficial partnership  

Representatives from all Grant Thornton’s International Business Centres meet every 6 months to break down barriers and open borders. Despite the extensive knowledge these centers already provide, they frequently require on-the-ground experts to offer additional services and who possess the necessary on-site understanding as to how a specific country functions. 

“Our goal is to ensure our clients feel confident when starting a business in a new country and that they are supported by the right people,” says Valérie Verdoni, RCGT’s IBC Director. “My counterpart from Grant Thornton France put me in touch with ALTIOS. From the get-go it was a mutually beneficial fit. We meet regularly with their team in Canada and continue to build a working relationship, bringing together our ideas and knowledge to find new ways to collaborate.”

Local experts can make all the difference 

“Our goal is to offer clients an integrated approach,” continues Verdoni. “ALTIOS helps us to complete our service offering so we can provide more value to our clients seeking international expansion—whether that means supporting them in commercial prospection or recruiting part-time local representation.”

This has meant RCGT clients now benefit from substantial added value. ALTIOS International is able to fill any gaps, allowing RCGT to offer a more comprehensive service to their client base. 

Combining strengths: a win-win solution

This consolidated approach has enabled RCGT to become a one-stop-shop for clients looking to expand internationally while ensuring an integrated team that brings more knowledge and know-how to the table. 

“I like to say that ALTIOS and Grant Thornton share similar DNA regarding international expansion,” says Verdoni. “We serve our clients in much the same way—not as two companies working in silos, but rather as a global team that’s focused on our clients’ success.”

What makes ALTIOS International stand apart?

“Although ALTIOS is a lean organisation, they have locations around the world and a physical office in every country they operate,” says Verdoni. “We have the opportunity to work with people who genuinely understand local regulations and cultural nuances which makes all the difference.”

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
If you’d like to speak with ALTIOS International’s representative for Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, please contact: Isabelle Combe, Managing Director ALTIOS Canada, i.combe@altios.com, +1 438 795-9068.

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