For over 40 years, Québec-based Métal 7 has been in the business of manufacturing equipment specifically aimed at iron-ore pelletizing plants and liquid-metal industries. What began as a novel way to use aerospace engineering ideas to create proprietary products has since grown into an industry that serves customers around the globe—all from two manufacturing plants located in the Canadian province.

Today, Métal 7 supplies to over 60% of the world’s iron-ore pelletizing plants, excluding only China.

Growth based on innovation

Métal 7 CEO Marc-André Gervais sees the company’s growth as one of its biggest strengths. “The original owners saw an opportunity and took it,” he says. “Today, we continue to see our future on a worldwide scale. When our sister companies asked us to go global, we invited them here to see our plants. And they liked what they saw. So we followed that opportunity.”

The last 20 years have been dedicated to innovation and a strong determination to remain a leader in the market. That has meant prioritizing high technical skills, expertise, and experience when it comes to such areas as engineering, R&D, international trading, industrial processes, and foreign markets.

“We have 110 employees and 80% of our exports are outside North America,” says Mr. Gervais. “Over 70% of our production is exported to 20 countries on four continents. We follow our clients wherever they are.”

Getting a foot in the door to a new market

Métal 7 was looking to expand into India—one of the world’s fastest-growing markets when it comes to technology and innovation. They were facing a common barrier to break into the area: knowledge of the country, the industries that operate there, and on-the-ground experience.

“We were looking for someone to help us,” says Mr. Gervais. “To accompany us every step of the way so we could enter the market at an advantage.”                               

ALTIOS International was the ideal partner to bridge that gap and ease Métal 7 into a whole new market. “They understood the Indian market and supported us every step of the way,” says Mr. Gervais. “Not only did they know the geography of the region, ALTIOS also understood the products we offered and were extremely agile and flexible when it came to adapting to what we needed.”

“Not only that, but ALTIOS cared about Métal 7’s mandate and it showed.”

The result?

“We are now the leader in our field in India,” says Mr. Gervais. “In fact, sales have quadrupled in the country and we are continuing with our core values of geographic expansion and acquisition.”

Métal 7

If you’d like to speak with ALTIOS International’s representative for Métal 7 and learn more about opportunities in India and beyond, please contact Isabelle COMBE, Managing Director ALTIOS Canada, +1 438 795-9068.

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