Hanergy: Changing the world, one solar cell at a time.

Beijing’s Hanergy Holding Group Ltd. is a clean energy company that’s also the world’s leading enterprise devoted to thin-film solar power. Since being established in 1994, Hanergy has grown to offer branches in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Africa, and is always on the lookout for new and mutually beneficial partnerships. In the first half of 2017, Hanergy Group’s revenue reached 2.28 billion Yuan ($362 975 003)

As part of their commitment to change the world through safer, more convenient and cost-effective access to energy, Hanergy is always on the lookout for partners focused on quality over quantity—which requires a special kind of focus and commitment.

A market with limitless potential

Hanergy’s Overseas Senior Manager M. GUAN Peiguo believes the key to expand the company’s core values is to create research and development centres around the world. “We want to expand and combine other countries’ strengths with ours,” says Mr. GUAN. “For example, the United States has a strong ability to innovate, Germany is strong with traditional technology, and Italy is strong with design. Together, we knew from the beginning that we could create more value.”

“We had other business entities overseas, but no R&D center,” continues Mr. GUAN. “But sales staff and technological staff are different. We needed to improve our product’s core competitiveness and overcome communication difficulties created by distance. That’s why establishing R&D centers became so important.”

Partners based on cooperation and core values

As a result of that, the need to find a partner to set up abroad became apparent. ALTIOS International’s expertise appeared more relevant than ever since significant amount of work needed to be done, and support was required.

When it came to branch out, Hanergy was looking for quality in a partner—not size or personality. “What Hanergy sees is quality,” says Mr. GUAN, “The most important value a partner brings is whether they will perform according to our requirements when they take charge of our project.”

“ALTIOS International brought vitality to the table, and their proven expertise rapidly showed that it could help coordinate our efforts. You were serious about getting the work done,” continues Mr. GUAN. “That’s why they ultimately won the project.”

If you’d like to speak with ALTIOS International’s representative for Hanergy and learn more about opportunities in the region, please contact Zoé-Linlin ZHU by email z.zhu@altios.cn or by phone +86 189 189 35 900.

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