Altios International Newsletter

Altios International’s numbers in 2017:

16 Branches around the world

500+ Businesses supported every year in their growth strategy

160 Collaborators

It’s been over 25 years since Altios International took its very first steps. That’s 25 years of developing our expertise to provide international support to a wide range of companies. Throughout this quarter century, the year that just passed holds significant importance to us, as it formed the basis of many decisive changes for the future of Altios International.

We have outlined a new strategic vision that will help accelerate Altios International’s development in international markets. We see this as an evolution—a new step in our growth. Since we started, we have worked diligently to become international support experts for European SMEs. Today, we have passed a turning point in order to guarantee that this mission extends to all our international clients, whether they’re in the Americas, Asia Pacific or Europe.

Today, the global network we’ve built and the expertise we’ve developed has caught the attention of companies the world over who are looking for support for their international investment projects. These worldwide clients share the same international growth needs, as well as our passion for international development. Our role now has deeper meaning, as it allows SMEs and MMCs to do business on an international scale.

These strategic changes will be put in place in concrete ways starting this year. We have set up regional seminars in Europe, America and Asia which will help create the conditions needed to encourage our clients’ commercial exchanges in every zone.

Internally, Altios International is also at a turning point thanks to the emergence of cross-company functions and support that have been put in place to support our growth as an international group. We are very proud to be launching the inaugural session of Altios Academy this June—an integration and training academy for new collaborators in the group. We are finally going forward with Altios International’s intercultural dimension, and for this to succeed we need to create internal gateways that will allow our collaborators to evolve more easily from one branch to the next.

This new side of Altios International is the result of the daily, passionate interactions we have with our clients, and it’s also an additional step in our dedication to becoming the partner of reference for the international development of SMEs and MMCs in growing international markets. It’s with and for our clients that we will achieve these goals.