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Ferro Duo shares its story on how they plan to introduce a new product line in a different sector

The support M+V Altios gave us was exactly what any new business in a new market needs

Alexander Kehrmann
  • Even if Ferro Duo is an established, international name, the company faced a challenge when it added a new product to their range in a sector FerroDuo had little experience with: fertilizers.
  • An Altios M+V dedicated team mapped out the opportunities for their products in the fertilizers market of four countries (Germany, Italy, France and Spain) and identified leads and opportunities by cold calling.
  • Leads were identified in every markets. In Italy, some leads have already been turned into business opportunities.

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Company Profile

Founded in 2002

Headquarters: Germany

Expertise: recycling products from various industries to recreate new ones

Target countries: Italy, Germany, Spain and France

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INNOV’IA shares its five key learnings for midsize companies to expand internationally

Working with Altios has helped us structure our international expansion journey so we will take the right step at the right time and be successful in reaching our goals.

Maria Wiltz
Global Sales & Marketing Director for Innov’ia and its subsidiaries
  • As INNOV’IA and its subsidiaries started exploring an international expansion, they needed to determine the different key steps they have to undertake in order to structure their internationalization path.
  • An internal audit of all companies of Innov’ia was carried out to help the business prepare and optimize itself before consolidating international actions.
  • Market research was an essential first step in defining which markets could be interesting for the company to expand to.
  • ALTIOS Strategy has set up a collaborative approach with Innov’ia in order to structure their internationalization and to embark the company and its team towards a customer-centric strategy with a differentiating value proposition.
  • Through their experience, they can share 5 key learnings: do your research, set realistic goals, let your customers guide you in choosing your location, get your whole team on board, don’t be too cautious, get help from local experts.

  • ALTIOS could secure and enhance their international expansion project thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the markets.

You would like to know more about Innov’ia’s story and its 5 key learnings?

Discover more about INNOV’IA on:

Company Profile

Founded in 1990

Headquarters: La Rochelle, France

7 manufacturing locations and 1 R&I Centre

350 employees

Turnover: €40 million

Expertise: Ingredient formulation and industrialization in agrifood, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals

Investment in industrial and international expansion: €70 million in 10 years

Target countries: Europe

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UK Trade Agency Partners with Altios to Grow US Exports

As Altios is already a partner of companies that are developing internationally, they know the market well and which steps to take.

Sue Marsden Gilpin
Head of Trade Services at DIT’s office in New York


  • The U.S. is an essential market for the DIT in both inward and outward investments and exports. To reach 100,000 new exports into the U.S. by 2020, the agency needed a partner with in-country teams knowledgable on the dynamics of the American marketplace.
  • The agency selected Altios due to its expertise and knowledge in both markets, and its in-country teams.


  • To complement DIT’s services, Altios provided a range of services to aid companies in both export and expansion.
  • Services provided by Altios as part of the partnership include distribution strategy, product registration, franchising, foreign investment, administrative and accounting management, in addition to new services, as required.


  • The partnership with Altios provided DIT with a flexible and open relationship on which to build its full offering of client services.

  • As the trade agency was looking for on-the-ground support, Altios teams in both the U.S. and the U.K. could provide the knowledge and expertise required by its clients.

Company Profile

Founded in 2016

1,200 employees in the U.K. and globally in more than 100 countries

Offices in the top nine cities in the U.S.

U.K.’s Department of International Trade (referred to as the DIT) is the country’s government agency that promotes inward and outward business development.

Target country: U.S.

DIT UK vertical

/ Rubicon Water

Rubicon Water Leverages Altios’ Deep Market Knowledge to Expand in India and China

I believe it has been, for both my team and our board, extremely helpful to be assisted in making the right choices and taking the appropriate decisions.

Bruce Rodgerson
CEO, Rubicon Water
  • With a focus on innovative solutions, Rubicon Water’s R&D centre holds several patents in conjunction with the University of Melbourne. The company can test its meters and gates to international standards.
  • With installations spanning ten countries and offices in seven markets means the company needs to acquire and maintain the best talent covering a full range of specialists.
  • These include highly-skilled engineers, systems analysts, database experts, and software programmers.
  • Expanding in China and India meant the company needed to understand the dynamics of these two markets fully and how to expand its offerings in each successfully.
  • Altios’ consultants in China and India – working in conjunction with the team in Australia – provided Rubicon Water headquarters a report on expansion in the two markets.
  • A go-to-market strategy meant Rubicon Water would need local teams that would work with its in-country partners.
  • Working with Altios, Rubicon Water gained valuable market knowledge before expanding their operations in India and China.

  • By leveraging Altios’ on-the-ground experience and outside perspective, Rubicon Water proceeded with a well-thought-out market expansion plan.

  • The presence of local Altios staff means the company is well-positioned to grow its operations in the market.

Learn more about Rubicon Water:

Company Profile

Founded in 1995 in Melbourne

Offices in 7 markets

Industry: customised solutions for large-scale, gravity-fed irrigation networks around the world

Target country: China, India

Rubicon Vertical

/ Finantix

Altios Helps Finantix Open Subsidiary in Singapore

Collaboration with Altios is based on transparency and is continuously evolving. Thatʼs what makes all the difference when it comes to addressing potential roadblocks, issues, and even opportunities. Altios helps us do what we do even better.

Guido Masieri
Chief Operating Officer, Finantix


  • Global expansion is a key component of Finantix’s growth in the financial sector. To better serve their clients, the firm decided to establish a local presence in high-growth markets open to innovative digital solutions. “We go where the financial industry is growing,” said Guido Masieri, Chief Operating Officer at Finantix.
  • “Our go-to-market strategy is to be close to our customers” continued Masieri. For Finantix, this often means relying on in-country partners to help run and provide ongoing administrative services for the local office.
  • Finantix decided to open an office in Singapore and partnered with Altios due to the firm’s presence and experience in the major markets.


  • Altios’ team in Singapore provided an in-country team ready to assist Finantix as it set up its office.
  • Altios supplied on-the-ground expertise and ensured compliance with local laws. To keep Finantix from duplicating internal processes, Altios oversees its administrative operations.
  • Altios’ customised solution meant Finantix could focus on serving its clients in Singapore while ensuring critical administrative functions are carried out and comply with local regulations. “We did not want to establish a local office in Singapore where we would be duplicating internal processes,” says Masieri.


  • For more than a decade now, Finantix relies on Altios’ local expertise to ensure the company’s Singapore office runs smoothly and is compliant with local regulations.
  • Altios provide important administrative support such as payroll, and handles Finantix’s financial and tax reporting in Singapore.

Learn more about Finantix:

Company Profile

Headquartered in Luxembourg

Offices in key financial markets, including London, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Hong Kong, Geneva, and Tokyo

Industry: software solutions for wealth management, insurance, and private banking industries

Target country: Singapore

/ Foley Gardere Arena

Altios and Foley Forge Strategic Partnership to Help Clients to Mitigate Risk in Global Expansion Projects

I believe this is where our network and expertise, combined with Altios’ presence in key markets, is advantageous to each’s respective clients.

Marcos Carrasco-Menchaca
Partner at Foley Gardere Arena


  • A major concern for both Altios and Foley: serving global clients within complex industries where regulations, taxes and markets are concurrently changing.
  • By forming a partnership, Altios and Foley can provide clients with a complete analysis of the costs, risks and market potential of international expansion projects.
  • A significant investment is often required when moving into a new market, especially in industries such as automotive and manufacturing.
  • It was essential to bring together market opportunity, costs projections and labour conditions, in addition to regulatory and tax implications.


  • Since their partnership, the two advisory firms have worked on several client projects in the automotive and manufacturing industries.
  • Altios provided the initial analysis of overall cost variables and risk factors to determine the projected value of each expansion project.
  • Foley provided the review of trade, tax and regulatory requirements from both short and long-term perspectives.
  • Marcos Carrasco-Menchaca Partner at Foley Gardere Arena in Mexico, a subsidiary of Foley & Lardner LLP recommended that clients begin the compliance process as early as possible. It is important to know the key players and policymakers to prevent delays and remain agile to changing regulations.


  • Working together on client projects in the automotive sector, Altios and Foley provided the outlook needed. For clients, a long-term perspective is vital, as tax and trade agreements often change and can impact the success of the international expansion.
  • Foley studied each client’s business to ensure any variations were taken into account even after the initial project rollout.
  • Within the automotive sector, Altios and Foley have helped clients navigate the growing complexity of supply-chain management.
  • The increased globalisation of the automotive supply chain has meant OEMs expect suppliers to be in each market. Laws and trade agreements are also evolving to promote local and regional trade. These significant market changes are present in the new NAFTA and USMCA trade agreements.
  • Understanding and proactively working within these new regulatory and market shifts helped clients lessen financial risk.

Company Profile

24 offices across the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Asia

Activity area: legal services in diverse industries, such as automotive and manufacturing industries

Foley Vertical-1

/ Metal 7 Inc.

Altios Accelerates Metal 7’s Entry in India to 4X Sales

We are now the leader in our field in India. Sales have quadrupled in the country, and we are continuing our core values of geographic expansion and acquisition.

Marc-André Gervais
President and CEO, Metal 7 Inc


  • Metal 7 supplies more than 60 per cent of the world’s iron-ore pelletising plants (excluding China)
  • During the last 20 years, the company has focused on innovation and market leadership through its expertise and gained knowledge in engineering, R&D, and industrial processes.
  • Metal 7 saw India as key to its strategic mission of geographic expansion, as it is one of the world’s fastest-growing technology and innovation markets


  • As India was a new market for Metal 7, they faced common barriers of entry: knowledge of the country, its industries, and on-the-ground experience. “We knew we needed a partner like Altios who could accompany us every step of the way so we could advantageously enter the market,” said Marc-André Gervais, President and CEO of Metal 7 Inc.


  • Altios was the ideal partner as it understood the dynamics of entering a new region, including its local industries, customers, key players, and decision-makers.
  • Altios’ in-market experience bridged the gap between Metal 7 and its entry to India. “Not only did they know the geography of the region, Altios understood our products. They were extremely agile and flexible when it came to adapting to our needs,” continued Gervais.
  • Metal 7’s successful entry in India has enabled the company to achieve its mission of global expansion in a high-growth market: they quickly gained a market leadership position there and quadrupled its sales in the region.

Learn more about Metal7:

Company Profile

Founded in 1974

Annual Sales: €56M

International Sales: 70 % of its production outside of the North American markets (20 countries)

Industry: Equipment manufacturer for iron-ore pelletising plants and liquid-metal industries

Target country: India

/ Monin India

Altios Enables Monin to Expand Quickly in India Through a Greenfield Investment Project.

What sets Altios apart are its network and people. Altios is always looking towards the future for its customers and is prepared for whatʼs next.

Germain Araud
Director at Monin
  • With annual revenue of €300 million (2018) and 75 per cent of its sales outside of France, global markets play an instrumental role in Monin’s growth. For the company, expansion into a high-growth market was strategic.
  • In 2016, Monin was ready to take the next step in India after several years of successfully exporting its products in the country.

  • Monin turned to Altios due to the firm’s knowledge and experience in India. Thanks to Altios, the company determined that the best entry-point was the creation of a subsidiary and a production facility in India.
  • First, Altios advised on the best options for manufacturing its products in the country. Monin could either acquire an existing manufacturer, co-pack or build a new facility. Monin finally decided to set-up a manufacturing site to ensure the high-quality standards of their brand, close to its customers.
  • The Altios team researched the best regions for the site. Altios and Monin visited multiple locations across India. They evaluated them based on several factors, including access to raw materials, roads, and, labour, as well as, taxes, local laws, and investment incentives that differ by state.
  • Altios worked with local governments, and assisted in subsidiary incorporation, management, and expansion of the Monin India team.
  • The two-fold solution meant that Monin could adapt its flavours to the Indian market while ensuring product quality.
  • Local knowledge is particularly important in India due to the unique business finance laws of the country. New incorporations are required to plan their finance needs three to four years in advance. The Altios team in India provided an accelerated direct investment in the complex market of India through local recruitment of talent and creation of a subsidiary.
  • Monin India Pvt. Ltd. officially incorporated in February 2019. The company aimed to commission its Make-in-India Phase 1 factory by 2021.
  • “The value-added of Altios to Monin is our local footprint and knowledge,” said Madhav Raina-Thapan, Director of Altios India. “Working on the ground in India, we know legal and administrative regulations, and social and political nuances”.
  • In-country manufacturing facility ensures Monin’s standards of high-quality products, and local flavour creations are maintained. Germain Araud of Monin said Altiosʼ local presence and network allows them to be closer to their customers, and to keep them in mind throughout the expansion process. “Today, customers want natural products, and they pay attention to where ingredients are sourced,” said Araud.

Leran more about Monin:

Company Profile

French family-owned company founded in 1912

Annual Sales: €300 million

International Sales: 75% (150 countries)

Industry: Gourmet flavours (syrup) for drinks and culinary

Target country: India

/ Soucy Track

Altios‘ Market Knowledge and Local Teams Enable Soucy Track To Grow Exports in Europe.

Our partnership with Altios provides significant leverage for these types of projects, and we'll continue to rely on their expertise for Soucy Track’s continual global expansion.

François Soucy
Vice-President Sales and Marketing, Soucy Track


  • As part of its international expansion, Soucy Track decided to develop in Europe. The company began to set up a network of distributors in specific European markets.
  • Well-versed in the agriculture sector, Soucy Track knew market knowledge was instrumental in their expansion efforts. The company needed to understand the dynamics of each country in order to adapt its product offerings and its go-to-market strategy.
  • “To succeed in the agriculture industry in Europe, we quickly realised we needed a partner to help us better understand the market to break into it,” said François Soucy, Vice-President Sales and Marketing at Soucy Track. Language barriers and regulatory restrictions make it even more challenging.”


  • As a global leader in rubber track systems for farm vehicles, Soucy Track offers a wide range of compatible and adaptable products. Close proximity to agricultural communities is essential to meet the diverse needs and expectations of farmers in Europe.
  • “An important part of our sales is outside of Canada, so the implementation of a highly strategic action plan targeted at the European market was crucial,” said Soucy.


  • Altios’ local teams provided vital market insights and established critical contacts for the company. By implementing a welldefined strategic plan, Altios enabled Soucy Track to meet its objectives of developing a more refined network, better-anticipating market dynamics, and maximising sales potential, while minimising risk.
  • “The Altios team quickly became an extension of our own company,” said Soucy. “Altios’ on-the-ground team gave us a major competitive advantage, one we couldn’t have had without hiring a local team.”

Learn more about Soucy Track:

Company Profile

Founded in 2005, Soucy Track is a division of Soucy Group (40 years of experience)

Based in Drummondville, Canada

International Sales: 95% (entire world)

Industry: Rubber track systems for the agriculture industry

Target country: Europe

/ Forest Chemical

Forest Chemical Enters China Leveraging Altios’ Network and In-Country Experience

Thanks to our partnership, we can benefit from Altios’ experience and solid logistics of the Asian market.

Sergio Vega
Co-Founder and Director of Operations, Forest Chemical


  • The hot-melt adhesive market is projected to reach $9.5 billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 6% (2019–2024)—an increase driven by the Asian region and specifically China.
  • To capture the market potential in Asia, the company decided to enter the Chinese market first.
  • “We have the added competitive advantage of being not only an export company but one focused on R&D. Our boundaries keep growing,” said Sergio Vega, Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Forest Chemical.


  • Working with the Altios team in China, Forest Chemical was able to develop its distribution network throughout the country.
  • Altios provided talent acquisition and access to meeting support services, and their in-country team enabled Forest Chemical to overcome language barriers. “The local Altios team helped us understand and adapt to the Chinese culture, standards, industries, and customs,” said Vega.


  • Since working with Altios, the Spanish company was able to secure a backlog of orders with Chinese companies. “Altios is knowledgable on our market and understands our objectives. And they have a wide network of contacts in China,” said Vega.
  • With Altios’ presence in key global markets, the Forest Group is well-positioned now to further its expansion efforts in the Asian marketplace and establish its presence in the region.
  • The company aims to be an industry reference in solving complex packaging requirements within the food and beverage segment.

Learn more about Forest Chemical:

Company Profile

Spanish company founded in 2009

Industry: High-performance, sustainable hot-melt adhesives for packaging and bonding market

Target country: China