Crédit Agricole Italia in Trento with Altios International to promote the companies internationalization

First stage of the initiative “Coffee with Companies”, the Group on tour throughout Italy

"Coffee with Companies"

Trento, 2 February 2023 – The new series of meetings of “Coffee with Companies”, the itinerant initiative born from the collaboration between Crédit Agricole Italia and ALTIOS, has started from the Trento headquarters of Crédit Agricole in Piazza Pasila.

During this series of capillary meetings in the territories, Crédit Agricole Italia intends to accompany companies toward new opportunities and strategies, useful for the penetration of foreign markets, thanks to the Group’s international
network and to the services offered by its historical partner ALTIOS.

The first stage met with the participation of numerous companies from Trentino, interested in delving into particular issues related to countries where the Bank and ALTIOS, thanks to their international specialists, can provide direct support while amplifying their relational network.

For more information on the Crédit Agricole Italia website, click here.

"This event held in Trento, highlights how Italian companies need structured support for long-terminternational development.
Mirko Mottino
Country Manager ALTIOS Italy

Save the date

Here are the dates to remember about “Trade Finance and Internationalization”:

February 8th – Genova

March 22nd – Reggio Emilia

May 2nd – Palermo

May 3rd – Catania

May 16th – Brescia

May 23rd – Padova

May 30th – Udine

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To know more about this partnership, you can read our press release.

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