Our history



In 28 years, we have built a solid reputation based on our integrity, our excellence and our capacity to meet our clients' objectives for their expansion projects in international markets.

Our history

1991 - 1999
Born in Australia

Following a world trip and a consulting experience in the agro-food industry, Bruno Mascart opens the first ALTIOS International office in Sydney in 1991. His mission is to facilitate the establishment of European businesses into the Australian market. 

After two years’ experience in the Australian office, David Gerard opens the first European office in France in 1997 to be closer to their clients

1999 - 2003

After several years of working internationally (Spain, Scotland, USA, etc) and in a global advisory firm in Paris, Patrick Ferron joins ALTIOS International in 1999.

The Group extends its offering to the United States, Brazil and China to have and enable a strategic positioning in key markets.

2003 - 2008

Boris Lechevalier joins ALTIOS International’s management in 2003 after several experiences in international business development and as an expatriate (England, Germany, Africa, Middle East, etc.)

With his arrival to the firm, ALTIOS International consolidated its prior positions in the United States and China by subsidiarizing them.

In 2005, ALTIOS International increases its global presence with the opening of two new subsidiaries in Brazil and India. At this point, the group employs 42 staff.

2008 - 2012

In 2008, ALTIOS International completes its first acquisition and becomes the exclusive partner of one of Europe’s largest banking groups, Crédit Agricole, to facilitate the development of their business clients in global markets.

The Group sets up a network of well-known and trusted partners in 50 countries to complete its global presence.

In 2009, ALTIOS International creates an International Strategy Division to enable companies to determine their best potential target markets, to better control risks, and to develop ambitious growth strategies efficiently.

The group continues to grow and in 2011 opens two new subsidiaries in Russia and Mexico.

In 2012, a series of new acquisitions lead ALTIOS International to set up the group in Eastern Europe (Poland and the Czech Republic). In the same year, ALTIOS International opens a subsidiary in Germany.

2012 - 2016 

In 2012, ALTIOS International partners with several investment funds in Europe to support the growth of companies invested in the most dynamic global markets.

In 2013, ALTIOS International opens two new subsidiaries in Asia, one by organic growth in Hong Kong and the other by external growth in Singapore. 

In 2014, ALTIOS International assists several government agencies in their strategy for export support and to attract investors. Several projects are put in place with Austrade, SelectUSA, Investissement Quebec and the UK Department of International Trade (previously known as UKTI) who choose ALTIOS International as a partner to maximize the expansion of British businesses in the American market.

In 2015, the group creates two new subsidiaries, one in Canada and one in the UK.  After Frankfurt, ALTIOS International opens a second office in Germany, Stuttgart.

In 2016, ALTIOS International opens a subsidiary in Italy and completes its coverage of the US market by setting up a subsidiary on the West Coast, in Los Angeles.

The Brazilian government agency APEX signs a global partnership with ALTIOS International in order to attract international investors. ALTIOS International provides its expertise and network to contribute to the growth of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Brazil from America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.


In 28 years, we have evolved and adapted our services considerably to bring sustainable, practical and committed support to our clients.

Today, ALTIOS International is a unique group consisting of 430 passionate and dynamic cross-border specialists dedicated to the service of continuing international growth of companies.